Reference for TIMESTRT attribute in ZTIMEQ heap (CAE 7.8.8)? (319 Views)
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Reference for TIMESTRT attribute in ZTIMEQ heap (CAE 7.8.8)?

I am investigating a problem in our environment, and have been looking at the ZTIMEQ heaps on targeted devices.  One of the attributes I'm seeing in the ZTIMEQ heaps is something called TIMESTRT.  I think it is telling me when the process associated with the heap has been started.  I'd like to find a reference that describes how I should interpret the value in this attribute.  For example, one heap I'm looking at has the following value: 01130226164405.  How can I determine what this means?

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Re: Reference for TIMESTRT attribute in ZTIMEQ heap (CAE 7.8.8)?



TIMESTRT is calculated and stored as a measure of clock ticks and hence this is a very large value.  THis value is calculated at the starting of a connect by radskman module.  Each command line ( say for example the connect) is stored in the ZTIMEQ. The purpose is to compare at the end if at all this connect completed succesfully and if not then store the heap .


Secondly if for any purpose any command line is written in ztimeq to be executed later by scheduler, TIMESTRT is also calculated in a similar fashion and then stored. 



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