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restore the factory settings...

i want to restore my hp 50g to its original state. i pressed on+F1+F3 but how come the Try To Recover Memory?" does not appear after i press those 3?

and one more question, how do i install those programs found from i tried installing the laplace/ilaplace progs,etc but they all dont work. i see the programs when i press the "var." (i launched the connectivity and drag them to the window. that's what i did.) now, i want to just restore my calc because everytime i press "LtShift + y=" it's showing letters and nos. i couldnt type my function to be graphed anymore.
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Re: restore the factory settings...

Hi bkat v.
1 - Full Memory Reset
press the following keys:
then release the key *first* and then the other two.
Answer "NO" to the "Try To recovery Memory?" pop up

2 - Programs from
You should just check that the programs you downloaded
were suitable for the 50G and were not intended for
a different calc.
Then, if I follow what you say, you did *not*
warmastarted your 50G after installing the programs.
That is, every time you install a library onto the 50G,
you need to reboot it to get the new libraries
"attached" to the memory.
To do that, just press:
and look for the new libraries into the VAR menu.

If the above doesn't work, you might want to consider
a corrupted download, so you could perform it once more.
Oh, by the way, if you provide a precise reference to
the program(s) name, I'll be glad to do a check on my
emulator and see if I can give you some hints more.

Hope this helps.
Best regards.
"Playfully doing something difficult, whether useful or not, that is hacking" (RMS)
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Re: restore the factory settings...

thanks, giancarlo.

laplace,ilaplace are the programs i tried to install.
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