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hp35s vs. hp33s - polar to rectangular


I'm a newbie at programming HP calculators. I'm trying to make a program to convert coordinate pairs to azimuth and distance. I found a program but is for HP33s. Part of the program is a rectangular to polar conversion which is still in the old model.

Has anyone have any workaround on how I can programmatically convert to polar(the old ->θ,r button before)

Thank you!

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Re: hp35s vs. hp33s - polar to rectangular

Hello Benjie,

Here is two hp35s programs to convert from rectangular to polar and from polar to rectangular coming from this thread on the hpmuseum site:

P001 LBL P
P002 FS? 10
P003 GTO P011
P004* Rv
P005 Rv
P006 eqn REGZ+i*REGT
P007 ARG
P008 LASTx
P009 ABS
P010 RTN
P011* CF 10
P012 XEQ P004
P013 SF 10
P014 RTN

R001 LBL R
R002 FS? 10
R003 GTO R012
R004* Rv
R005 Rv
R006 eqn
R008 x<>y
R009 *
R011 RTN
R012* CF 10
R013 XEQ R004
R014 SF 10
R015 RTN

R^ is roll up
Rv is roll down
eqn marks the beginning of an equation and shouldn't be entered.

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