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Missing Commands in HP Prime

I know HP Prime is not an upgrade to HP 50G, but in absence of better information about HP plans, everyone is looking at the prime as the new HP flagship calculator.  Is it reasonable to infer that HP Prime includes all commands that are available in the HP 50g?


I'm looking for the following 2 commands: ZFACTOR and DARCY. They are not in the HP Prime Catalog and are not mentioned in the User Guide. Are they available at all?



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Re: Missing Commands in HP Prime

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>Is it reasonable to infer that HP Prime includes all commands that are available in the HP 50g?


No. Nor does the 50g have all the commands or capability in Prime. Basically, these specialized very sepecific to one field type commands that were leftover from the 48 series or earlier are not priorities. Especially since the vast majority are so darn easy to make as a user program as they are basically just a simple function that gets evaluated. Another good example would be the F0λ function.


Neither of those two you mention are in the system.


Note this doesn't mean they never will be added, but Prime is defintiely not being marketed at the same users that (still) after so many years find the 48 series absolutely perfect for them.



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Re: Missing Commands in HP Prime

Thanks for the fast response, Tim. I think it would be wise to post, some place, a list of what HP consider "obsolete commands" no longer supported, and what HP consider the alternative to be. Make it easy for customers who would like to, but not necessarily need to, upgrade. Don't just assume they "should know better". That kind of "corporate culture" has no place in the highly competitive  modern market place.


Remember, not everybody who buys a calculator is interested in programming. A lot of people  just hate that word; but their money is as good as any, and they deserve some consideration if HP really want them to upgrade.  For example, there is a ton of software developed for those "old calculators" that solve the needs of a ton of people. To my best knowledge there is no way to make that software works in the HP Prime.  Yes, I know HP Prime represents a better future but we shouldn't let "old users" behind.


Result? They won't upgrade.  It will take time before a new breed of "independent programmers" redo all that software.   Just my opinion!  BTW, any news about a much needed 3D graphic app for the Prime?



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Re: Missing Commands in HP Prime

IMHO, the HP50 is still a viable calculator.  If there is a 'ton' of software for it and technical people are use to it, by all means, keep using it.  I think it is a tribute to HP to have a product that is still quite usable and superior even though they have stopped updating it.  Maybe by the time it, and even the Prime, are really 'old',  HP will have a product that satisfies both objectives (the technical and educational markets) or there will be plenty of ported software for the Prime.


I still use my HP49g+ at work, have an HP50 at home and carry my Prime around to and between both places.  I think I still use the 49/50s more as I am still working on getting familiar with the Prime.  I don't know if that will change, I'll see.

[minor confession:  the HP-50 I use is actually one of three I bought a while ago as I have some applications where the serial port will come in handy.  (Yes, async RS232 serial is still around, and yes, you can still buy HP50s after all these year)]


To quote (maybe not exactly) from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "I'm not dead yet!" for application to the HP50.



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