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HP 50g leveling program

I've been looking for a survey level routine program for my HP 50g and so far the only thing I can find online is a package of a bunch of survey applications for around $150. Any ideas of where to get cheaper programs or even just the code to write it yourself? It's a pretty simple routine, but I'd rather use something that's already done than fuss over writing it myself.
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Re: HP 50g leveling program

Hi Leslie.
Even though I don't understand anything about surveying (nobody's perfect :-), I did a search on www.hpcalc.org, and came up with the following results for the 49 Series:

SurveyWorks is a complete survey program written specifically for land surveyors and college students. Store up to 1500 points, no memory card needed, stake-out points, stake a line, intersect a line, sideshot calculation, traverse calculations, bearing sideshot calculations, bearing traverse calculations, menu-driven, help wizards, inverse by point number, inverse by coordinates, convert azimuth to bearing, view and store points, manually calculate acreage using points, adjust data (rotate or move points), download data (send data to your favorate CAD program) and many other features.
By Danny Kellogg (http://www.levelworks.net/).

Great survey package different from others. Includes total close, point to point (COGO), level run, and road design.
By J.P. Stewart

This small program allows you to make surveying, leveling and more in the field. Very useful.
By A. Guido Huisa Humpiri

General land survey program for the HP48 and HP49.
By John Burns

I strongly suggest you do your own search and take into consideration also software seemingly devoted to the 48 series (I found 33 results with the search strung "survey") - this because if you look at the programs and realize they're writte in UserRPL, there're lots of chances they will work perfectly on the 50G as well.

Hope this helps.
Best regards.
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Re: HP 50g leveling program

WOW! Thanks so much. Looks like I didn't search hard enough. I appreciate the help. I'll check those out!
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