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HP-50g connectivity to Windows 8?

Has anyone been able to get the connectivity kit to work on a Windows 8 machine to the HP-50g?


I looked at the message I could find on this:  


and get to where I install USB drivers (step 10 or 11, HPCalculatorUSBSetup.exe) and the install simple states that the install "failed".  I tried running in XP and Windows 7 compatitility modes and still the same result.  The driver downloaded was for Windows 7 64 bit since I'm running 64bit Windows.


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Re: HP-50g connectivity to Windows 8?

It seems that Windows 8 signed driver enforcement is a problem for the 50g drivers.


In order to install the USB driver, signed driver enforcement must be turned off.


See the last four messages (posted 15 Nov 2012) on this comp.sys.hp48 forum post here:

(Install the USB drivers before Conn4x)

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Re: HP-50g connectivity to Windows 8?

Thanks much!

That did the trick and I am connected, via USB, to my HP-50g from Windows 8.

And the driver seems to be persistent even after rebooting (a concern from reading the message threads), though it took just a little longer (under 30 seconds) for the driver to show up in the device manager.


So to outline my procedure:

  1. Downloaded the USB driver for Windows (actually the Windows 7 driver, 64bit though it was binarily eqivalent to the XP driver) and downloaded the Connectivity kit.
  2. Restarted the PC per http://www.everything-microsoft.com/2012/08/29/install-unsigned-drivers-windows-8/ and disabled driver signature enforcement
  3. Installed the USB driver (it should finish).  Plugging in the HP50 and connecting to the USB cable should cause the 'HPx9G+ DEVICE' to show up in the device manager under USB controllers.
  4. Installed the connectivity kit.
  5. started the xmodem server (Right-shift, right arrow) [make sure I/O parameters are set to USB on the HP-50g]
  6. start the connectivity kit and connect to the calculator as normal.  First start up may have some delay until you can get the kit to go to USB calculator (I think in my case, it tries to probe the com ports, which I do not have any real ones on this laptop, a virual one exists to connect to bluetooth devices)

I think that covers the gist of it.


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