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HP 50g Emulator

G or Anyone?
I've downloaded the Emu48 emulator and realize that I need to download the ROM from my 50g. I've even downloaded the ROMDump Wizard by C.G. but have had no luck. The Wizard asks me to set the COM port (1-4) but thee's no choice for a USB. I know my HP Connectivity Kit is working b/c I can upload a screen shot from the 50g to my PC via the USB. Do you know a simple way to get the ROM file from my 50g so I can start using the emulator? What other things do I need to know to get started with the emulator.
PS: I've read all the manuals for teh above with no success.

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Re: HP 50g Emulator

Hi Jon.
I think the fastest way to get the emulator working is that you download the Debug4x HP48/49 SDK program from hpcalc.org:


This package is a:
"HP48/49 Software Development Kit (SDK) v2.2 (v1 was called debug2). Windows program with colored syntax highlighting editor, stack pictures, System RPL and User RPL verb completion, HP compiler, assembler, linker, interactive debugger, Inform Box Designer, EMU48 emulator and full help files. Good examples and large help files. v2.2 adds 48GII/49G+ support",

and it contains the ROM image of the 49G+ (i.E., 50G), as the file ROMG+.49G.

I hope this helps a bit, anyway please come back if you need further info.
Best regards.
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Re: HP 50g Emulator

hi jon
Also, in www.educalc.net, 'download' section, you can download the "HP 3-in-1 Graphing Calculator Emulator" for HP 39GS, HP 40gs and HP 50G, that come with the 50G ROM
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Re: HP 50g Emulator

Raul and Giancarlo,
Both, THANKS for the help. The links Raul provided worked like a champ! I now have a 50g emulator that works without having to download my calc ROM or search the web for ROM. THe educalc.net downloads page for the HP 3-in-1 Graphing Calculator Emulator downloaded and worked on the first try.

(toward the bottom, click download link)

Although it doesn't have MY ROM, since I have a new 50g, I doubt I have any ROM changes worth downloading. That's my next challenge. Bottom line is that I have a great 50g emulator that worked with a simple one step download.

Thanks Again!
Jon Cook
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