Business Service Management (BAC/BSM/APM/NNM)
More than everything monitoring, BSM provides the means to determine how IT impacts the bottom line. Its purpose and main benefit is to ensure that IT Operations are able to reactively and proactively determine where they should be spending their time to best impact the business. This covers event management to solve immediate issues, resource allocation and through reporting performance based on the data of applications, infrastructure, networks and from third-party platforms. BSM includes powerful analytics that gives IT the means to prepare, predict and pinpoint by learning behavior and analyzing IT data forward and backwards in time using Big Data Analytics applied to IT Operations.

Take a look at the Darwinian evolution of Operations Manager – webinar

Will Gillen.jpgIs your business keeping up with the pace of the changing IT environment? Are you curious how others are keeping up?


Join us for a webinar on Feb 4 where you can hear from Fidelity about their evolution and how they have accomplished their goals by adopting HP Operations Bridge.

A HP Service Health Reporter year end wrap-up: Adieu (farewell) 2014! Bienvenue (welcome) 2015!

shr_2014_2015.jpgCan you believe it’s almost 2015? December seemed to usher in a feeling of nostalgia ... True, every day is a chance to start anew. But, somehow, when a year is about to end we find ourselves more conscious of time and choices. Having the urge to recap and stand still for a bit is something I guess I’m not alone in…


It’s interesting to travel back in time in the moments leading up to the New Year and see how we've evolved over the past one ... And also to build up a sense of excitement for the "unknown" that’s right around the corner...


So this final blog post on HP Service Health Reporter(SHR) for the year2014 recaps some favorites shared with you over the past year.... As another year comes to an end and as the New Year dawns with new hopes and aspirations, we also share a sneak peek of what we’re excited about 2015…!

Barcelona – 1 HP – 3. IT Operations game changing announcements at HP Discover

golden_ball_award__1_-620x330.jpgGOOOAAAALLL! I am here at HP Discover in Barcelona and the excitement and announcements remind me of the experience I had as a child and going to the football game.


Keep reading to find out what announcements we made and how we kicked the golden ball of operations management into the goal!

It’s time to get a handle on your Hadoop Environments

Minority Report.jpgWhen Tom Cruise’s movie “The Minority Report” came out, viewers were in awe of the fictional technology that the movie showed. In one scene, Cruise’s character is shown potential purchases based upon past ones when he walks into a store.


Fast forward 12 years, and that fictional technology is very close to real.


Keep reading to find out how Big Data powers this new capability and how you can get a unified view of it all.


Image courtesy – 20th Century Fox

The perfect pass -The evolution of Operations Manager to OMi

soccer game.pngKeeping the “ball” within resource and domain operations management tools doesn’t help use the information they gather to its best advantage.


People who have adopted HP Operations Bridge, with its single pane of glass to gain visibility of the “state” of IT”, know just how valuable it is to “pass the ball” into a central operations bridge through the integration of the data these management tools provide.


Keep reading to hear straight from these users to learn about the benefits they see from “passing the ball”.


Guest post by Harald Burose, Product Manager, HP Software

David Gilmour and the music of IT Operations

david Gilmore.PNGMusic lovers worldwide hum to the melodic tunes of David Gilmour, long time musician with Pink Floyd. As I was watching a recorded concert of David and friends, in an interview Robert Wyatt explained why in his view David is such a great musician. "David's such a terrific guitar player because he's got a sense of the whole piece of music.”


Keep reading to find out how Gilmour’s ability is similar to the “music” that IT operations creates.


Image courtesy of

Our connected world seen through the Spanish looking glass

100-plus integrations.pngThe world is increasingly connected and this has never been more evident to me than today as I walk the streets of Barcelona. As a result of this connectivity we all need to be flexible.


Keep reading to find out what I learned about flexibility in IT from Jackie Chan, some street performers in Barcelona and my bus on the way to the airport.

Become a business aware operation with Big Data analytics

analytics.jpgIf you are going to HP Discover, I encourage you to join me and Yair Horovitz as we cover the new world of “connected intelligence” using all of the data you collect with operations analytics and a state-of-the-art operations bridge.


Read on to see how big data can help improve your IT operations.


Guest post by Harald Burose, Product Manager, HP

AMBARI - Excavating Big Data to serve business targets

AMBARI location.pngDo you know what AMBARI means?

Maybe you're familiar with the ASSAM district in India, but do you know what strategic importance it had in ancient times?


Read on to discover my analogy between that importance and the growing importance of Big Data solutions with HADOOP, how AMBARI is related to HADOOP, and learn about the innovation the HP Software and Hortonworks are doing together.


The wave of Big Data is here, are you ready?

wave.jpgIs your organization prepared to handle the flood of Big Data information that is increasing every year?


Gain insight into HortonWorks and HP Software collaboration in an upcoming webinar


Image credit to Malene Thyssen,

A bridge too far? Don’t just watch your competitors cross to greener pastures, take action!

Catalunya.JPGBridges are vital to transportation, and with HP Operations Bridge they are vital to IT Operations. Come hear how customers are crossing the bridge from domain to service management with testimonials from others who have crossed the bridge before you. Now you can keep your historical solutions, but sit on top of them and actively multiply the ROI from them.


Keep reading to find out how you can gain this wisdom from those who have walked before you.

OMi Monitoring Automation: what’s new to make your monitoring easier?

operations management 6.pngMonitoring in today’s complex environment just got easier! With HP Operations Manager i with Monitoring Automation, you can configure the Operations Agent and SiteScope to OMi.


Keep reading to find out how to utilize this capability to simplify the life of your application administrators, monitoring developers and subject matter experts.


Guest post by Norbert Andres, Ops Bridge


DirecTV talks about their experience with Operations Bridge - webinar

Do you look for reviews on a product before you make a purchase? Do you ask friends and family for recommendations before making a big decision?


This is the same way it is with IT. Departments are always researching reviews from other organizations before they make a final decision. This is your opportunity to hear from DirectTV on their experience with HP Operations Management.  

Now there is 1 solution for monitoring your Multi-Tier WebLogic Applications

As a web application weblogic_diagram1.jpgowner have you struggled to isolate the root cause of your degrading application performance? This doesn’t have to be your continuing reality.   


If you are interested in learning how to better isolate the root cause of your degrading application performance, keep reading.

From OMi Events to CI Status

Events, ETIs, HIs, KPIs, CI Status, Status Propagation – do these terms sound overwhelming and confusing? I guess not. However, how these align together to finally reflect the impact of an event in the form of CI health status, could be a bit complicated to understand. Queries like “I closed the event but my related CI status still shows critical?”, “I want to see the HI values on parent CIs?”, “I defined a new KPI but it does not show up in service health” – indicate the lack of required understanding. 


In this blog, I make an effort to simplify this critical flow from “OMi events to CI status”.

Monitor your SAP HANA Database in 5 minutes or less with HP OMi

Now you can monitor you SAP HANA Databasestopwatch.png in five minutes or less with HP Operations Manager i (OMi).


Does this sound impossible? Don’t believe me? Read on to find out how we made this a reality.

Want to save up to 50 percent of your HP Operations Manager costs?

Everyone loves to save money, which is one reason why the “extreme couponing” shows are so popular.


What if I told you there was an easy way to save up to 50 percent on your HP Operations Management expenses—no coupon needed?

Keep reading to find out how you can save on these expenses.

New HP Operations Bridge integrations by DoItWise—dynamize tracing of root cause issues

How many IT tools do you have within your infrastructure? Are they in siloed locations or Plug-in your point tools.jpgare they easily integrated? Are you able to consistently ensure these tools help you achieve your enterprise service level agreements?


HP Operations Bridge consolidated IT management data across domains to help operators identify the causes of IT incidents—and rectify them quickly. Keep reading to find out how real customers are using it and integrating it with other tools like Compuware Dynatrace to easily identify issues.

Cruise Mode for your Active Directory Monitoring

cruise_control1.pngWould you like to have a cruise mode for monitoring your IT infrastructure—one that operates much like the one in your car?



The answer is YES! Read on to see how it is possible!  

Switching to Monitoring Automation: How to deploy monitoring configuration

In this article we will deploy OM agent infrastructure configuration with OMi using the Monitoring Automation (MA) component.



In the first blog article Switching to Monitoring Automation: Get Ready we have installed, configured and setup Monitoring Automation. So if you have read this article you are now ready to do the next step.


Get a complete view of your datacenter with CMDB

The_Big_Picture_2.JPGAre you seeing the big picture when it comes to using a CMDB? Are you wanting to know how to use CMDB to maximize the return from other software investments?


In this guest post, Eli Eyal, OSS Team Leader at Playtech, explains how CMDB and auto-discovery play central roles in monitoring his company’s large IT environment, and how it supports dependency mapping and change management.

OM-OMi: Dealing with Event Duplicates, effectively…

Should you be concerned about event duplicates in your Operations Manager (OM) or Operations Manager i (OMi) setup? What harm they could do, you may ask. Well, if you have a large environment with thousands of events coming into OM and OMi on a daily basis,  large duplicate counts can have some performance implications (believe me some customers have events with duplicate count running in 3 to 5 digits). But nothing to worry, our products provide enough configuration options to deal with it in an effective manner. Read on, if this is your concern area…

Switching to Monitoring Automation: Get Ready

Monitoring Automation (MA) is an extension to the Operations Bridge offering of Operations Manager i (OMi). It is able to fully automatically deploy the monitoring configuration for Operations Agents and SiteScope. MA is watching for any changes in the IT environment and necessary configuration tasks are automatically done. This helps to keep the IT elements compliant and business on track. With the availability of OMi 9.24 it is time to switch to MA and make use of all the new features.

In this blog article I will describe how to get ready for Monitoring Automation.


2014-06_Switching to Monitoring Automation.png

How can you ensure license compliance in an OM deployment?

When you are looking to ensure license compliance, you are trying to optimize your license management. One important piece of license information to keep track of is the type of license you have. This information may be more difficult to keep track of.


Keep reading to find out how you can easily differentiate your nodes licenses into different categories. It is easier than you think when you have the right tools. 

Want to migrate to PostgreSQL from Oracle on OM? Remember these things!

HP Operations Manager is new— it is getting access to a new database that is! In this case Operations Manager will now be able to access PostgreSQL.


Keep reading to find out how this works and how you can set it up for yourself.

What's new with the HP Operations manager for UNIX version 9.20?

The new version of Operations Manager for UNIX is now available. There are four key new features that this version offers.


Keep reading to find out what they are and how they will help you.

OMi event console in a 3rd party ecosystem

Omi event console.PNGHave you discovered the power of HP Operations Manager i (OMi)? It is the revolutionary software that automatically monitors and correlates events and metrics system-wide. This helps operators identify the root causes of problems and, as a result, generates operating expense savings.


Find out what the experience was like for a gaming company using HP OMi.


Guest Post by Michael J. Procopio

How I get more out of monitoring: Why dynamic and predictive models identify faults quickly

Eli Eyal.jpgIT environments experience a very high rate of change today, much more than they ever have before. Rapid change requires rapid adaptation, and that is true of monitoring systems as well.


Find out why dynamic usage monitoring has become an essential part of the tools used to maintain and adapt the IT environment.


Guest post by Eli Eyal, Operational Support Services Manager at Playtech, the world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software and an HP Software customer.  

Now available! Public cloud monitoring: The end-to-end hybrid view with HP OMi and HP Helion

hybrid.pngHP Cloud Monitoring from an enterprise IT perspective is an easy, scalable way to gain visibility into your workload’s performance and operational health. You can optimize workload performance, uncover hidden bottlenecks, tune and gain better insight into your HP Cloud resources in context of your hybrid cloud business application.


Read on to learn how to do this with HP OMi …

Fight fires with focus: how to automate incident resolution with IT process orchestration

firemen.jpgTier 1 and Tier 2 IT operators spend much of their workdays responding to alarms and putting out fires. Here is a detailed walkthrough of how HP Operations Orchestration works with the OM event console to extinguish most of those fires without manual intervention.


By Nimish Shelat, Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management

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