Business Service Management (BAC/BSM/APM/NNM)
More than everything monitoring, BSM provides the means to determine how IT impacts the bottom line. Its purpose and main benefit is to ensure that IT Operations are able to reactively and proactively determine where they should be spending their time to best impact the business. This covers event management to solve immediate issues, resource allocation and through reporting performance based on the data of applications, infrastructure, networks and from third-party platforms. BSM includes powerful analytics that gives IT the means to prepare, predict and pinpoint by learning behavior and analyzing IT data forward and backwards in time using Big Data Analytics applied to IT Operations.

New Video: How to anticipate potential problems in your applications before they impact the business

What would you do if you discovered a problem within your business? The first question to ask is what the impact of the problem has been. The second is how to fix it.


Continue reading to find out how you can protect your business from the impact of IT issues by predicting potential problems.

New Video: Using filters and tags in SiteScope to manage and track monitors

Are you bogged down in the hassle of monitoring your large IT environment? As we all know, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process.


HP SiteScope eases this process by providing various solutions for filtering monitors. Keep reading to find out how they can help you.

Predict trouble before it affects revenue with HP SiteScope

If a system malfunctions, the results can be catastrophic on your business flows and transactions.  The best way to prevent damage to the bottom line from this situation is to predict it before it occurs.


HP SiteScope Predictive Analytics can help protect you in three easy steps. Continue reading to find out how to utilize it within your organization

New Video: BSM Documentation Overview

Are you looking to increase your knowledge about HP BSM? HP provides a robust help set including numerous guides and integrated online help. This video will save you time by showing you how to navigate the various help resources.

3 customers, BSM and a big data dilemma

I recently had the chance to meet with three customers from different industries who are using Business Service Management to get the most out of their Big Data.


Keep reading to find out if you identify with any of their struggles and to see how Operations Analytics can help you.


Guest post by Noam Fraenkel, Chief Architect, Big Data Analytics

Visualize, monitor and remediate your Vertica environment with OMi Management Pack for Vertica

Database management is huge concern for many organizations. The HP Vertica Analytics Platform has become the chosen solution when organizations are looking to get their information under control.


The HP Vertica Analytics Platform was designed for critical business applications and has built in fault tolerance and high availability. With this functionality, people might wonder if they still need a separate monitoring solution. Keep reading to find out why I always say “Yes!”


Guest post by Manoj Mohanan,

Technical Marketing Engineer

HP Operations Smart Plug-ins and Content Packs

Do you Hadoop? Very Vertica? Overly ORACLE ? Incredibly Infrastructure? Let HP OMi help out

Big Data platforms and infrastructure are becoming mission critical to business departments and users.

Even though they may have resilience, businesses will be upset if IT doesn't have its hands around the availability and performance of key components.


Continue reading to find out how HP OMi can help you monitor your Big Data.

HP OMi now includes Automation to simplify IT Monitoring

Today applications and servers are provisioned within minutes, don't you think monitoring should be too.


Imagine what you could accomplish if your monitoring software was easily deployed and super-charged with the power of automation. Keep reading to find out what it means for your enterprise.

OMi Webinar Questions and Answers

Whether you were  one of the 147 attendees to attend the webinar sessions "Event Correlation, 360 degree visibility and Intelligent Automation with HP OMi" Jan 22, 2013, or not I am sure you'll be interested to read the 4 or so questions and their answers

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Unwrap the great BSM presents we have for you under the Xmas tree

You won't get coal in your Xmas sock, here comes HP's first freemium software for Xmas.

No wonder HP Discover BSM booths were so popular.

At least one customer who presented with us said  his company is saving $400k /annum. Super Santa came their way.

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Inside vPV: a new way to monitor and troubleshoot virtualization performance

by Sudhindra Kumar TL, Operations and Performance Management

HP Software Products and Solutions


image003.pngAdministering the proliferation of virtualized infrastructures is a complex role. Here is an overview of how virtualization administrators can use the Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV), HP’s new real-time diagnostic and triage tool, to quickly visualize data from a single console and begin to troubleshoot performance issues rapidly.

A new approach to diagnose virtualization performance issues: HP Virtualization Performance Viewer


Today HP is very excited to introduce Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV), a real-time diagnostic and triage tool to help customers quickly troubleshoot performance issues and bottlenecks in virtualized environments.....

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HP Business Service Management Tips & Tricks: Delete Indicators from a Local Impact View

A guest post from Izik Golan, one of our talented R&D engineers, on how to leverage the newly introduced Local Impact Views within HP BSM..

Quick Guide to Using SecOps Tools

Slide16.jpgBy Phil Nguyen, HP Software Community Director


In order to better protect their company and its assets, IT Operations and IT Security teams need to work together to share more information and tools. Here are some practical use-case scenarios of how practitioners in a SecOps team can use a robust, integrated toolset to capture events, and then analyze, compare, and act upon their findings to prevent repeat incidents. This article examines HP Software’s Business Service Management (BSM) and ArcSight Logger and Enterprise Security Manager products.

Part 2: Diagnostics 9.20 - Increasing efficiency while enhancing collaboration

This is the second in a series of blog posts around HP Diagnostics 9.20, which was released several weeks ago.  In this post, I discuss a new feature called .pdf export, which (like the Java Thread State Analyzer) also enables greater efficiencies and collaboration for both application developers and IT ops teams.

Interested in “SecOps?” Sign up for this group discussion at HP Discover

System health is not just about performance and availability, but security as well.  In other words, security cannot be ignored when monitoring the IT environment.  Nor can operating performance be disregarded when the security team is working to mitigate risk and compliance violations.  Want to participate in a dedicated session to define the linkages between security and operations?  Sign up today and join the SecOps discussion group at HP Discover.

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Announcement: BSM Connector for IBM Tivoli now available for BSM 9.x!

I'm happy to announce that we have made the BSM Connector for IBM Tivoli available. This includes integration for Tivoli Enterprise Console and Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus.  Here is more detail about the integration…

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In-depth on BSM: Importing Downtime Data From an External Source to BSM

Are you integrating BSM with other business management solutions as HPSM, HPOM or third party software? If you are, and these integrated products produce downtime events, you may need to import downtime information from an external system to BSM.  Guest bloggers Avihay Mor & Gilad Ivry from the BSM R&D team discuss how this can be today.

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HP Software Customer Forums…NY, LA, Houston Still to Come!

To date, we have had HP Software Customer Forums in Phoenix, DC, Boston, and Chicago.  We have three more to go!  Last week, I was able to participate in the Boston and Chicago events and had a fantastic time. 

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How often has my app been downloaded? Not HP's definition of monitoring …

While at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, I have heard an interesting theme as I talk with visitors about mobile monitoring. When asked if they are monitoring their mobile applications, their definition of “monitoring” is quite different than mine. Read on to understand what truly defines “mobile monitoring”.

Showcase your innovative use of HP BSM software - present at HP Discover 2012!

We're looking for customers who want to share great stories around their use of HP's BSM solution. Get chosen and you may get a free pass to the event!!!

HP Software Customer Forums - coming to a location near you!

Join HP and your peers at HP Software Customer Forums in Houston, Boston, Chicago, and New York City!


These forums are customer-led, best-practice sharing events focusing on automation, predictive business service management, and application lifecycle management.  HP customers are presenting at each forum, so you can get first-hand knowledge of how they are implementing and benefiting from HP software solutions. You will also have the opportunity to talk with HP executives, product managers, and service consultants to learn about HP strategies, roadmaps, migrations, and integrations.


Topics being discussed include:


  • Leveraging intelligent automation of cloud services - realize the benefits of hybrid IT from infrastructure to applications
  • Advancing the "DevOps" agenda - get app developers and IT ops more tightly aligned
  • Using BSM 9.1’s new analytics capabilities - predict issues before they negatively impact your customers
  • Managing business-critical applications for predictability, repeatability, agility, quality, visibility, simplicity and more across their entire lifecycle. 

Dates of the forums are as follows:


Houston - February 22nd

Boston - February 28th

Chicago - March 1st

New York City - March 22nd


Register now for the HP Software Customer Forum to learn how businesses worldwide are discovering a new level of enterprise performance.

See only what you need to see when monitoring the health of your business services

Looking for ways to improve your efficiency when it comes to Incident and Problem Management?  One way is to filter out extraneous information that does not pertain to your job.  But how to do that when other people in the IT organization need to see that information or rely on that information when things such as Key Performance Indicators are based off of that information?.  Introducing Local Impact Views in BSM9 - a way to calculate the health of your business services based only on Configuration Items of importance to you! 

Breaking down monitoring silos - combining systems, network, and application management

As you might have read on the Infrastructure Management blog and Network Management blog, we are migrating those blogs into this BSM blog. We will continue to cover Application Performance Management too. This mirrors the actions that many of our customers are taking in consolidating their monitoring silos into a single Operations Bridge.

HP Discover is 2 weeks away! Quick summary of BSM sessions you won't want to miss!

HP Discover is only two weeks away.  If you are still unsure about whether you should go, take a look at what will bediscused during the week.  This list combined with Paul McCartney's performance just might change your mind!

Get press exposure on your BSM/APM deployment

 - Are you attending our HP Software Universe event in Washington this year?

- Are you a current HP Business Service Management (BSM) customer - customer who has one or more products from

HP Business Availability Center (any of these products Business Process Monitor/Real user monitor/Sitescope/Diagnostics/Service Level Management/Transaction Vision)

HP Operations Management Center (Operations Manager, Operations Manager i, any of our SPIs)

 HP Network Management Center (NNMi, Performance SPIs, etc)

- Are you happy with your BSM deployment and want to talk about it?

- Do you want to be seen as a leader and innovative company by having your BSM story quoted in press articles?

If you answered yes, to all of the above, then send an email to: with your contact information (your name, company, email and phone number). I’ll call you and we can discuss how to give you and your BSM deployment some great exposure.

Aruna Ravichandran
Group Product Marketing Manager
Application Performance Management ( part of BAC)


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