Business Service Management (BAC/BSM/APM/NNM)

More than everything monitoring, BSM provides the means to determine how IT impacts the bottom line. Its purpose and main benefit is to ensure that IT Operations are able to reactively and proactively determine where they should be spending their time to best impact the business. This covers event management to solve immediate issues, resource allocation and through reporting performance based on the data of applications, infrastructure, networks and from third-party platforms. BSM includes powerful analytics that gives IT the means to prepare, predict and pinpoint by learning behavior and analyzing IT data forward and backwards in time using Big Data Analytics applied to IT Operations.

Application Performance Management

HP Application Performance Management solutions provide end-to-end application performance monitoring, so you can isolate problems real-time for all of your applications whether on-premise, cloud, or mobile. HP APM Solutions are also available with a flexible delivery model to best fit your needs. Choose from any combination of on-premise, SaaS, or hybrid, to suit your existing platform and business model.

Infrastructure Management

Modern businesses rely on complex IT infrastructures composed of servers, storage, networks, middleware, and other application components, to support their critical business services. HP Systems Management solutions enable you to get an in-depth look into your IT infrastructure, and proactively protect your business by consolidating fault and performance events, using a combination of agents and agentless monitoring.

Operations Bridge

The HP Operations Bridge suite of software provides the ability to sense, analyze, and adapt to manage IT services that support digital business. With advanced event correlation, log intelligence, predictive analytics, and automation, you can remediate issues across all your technologies to prioritize business targets.

Operations Intelligence

HP Operations Intelligence Solutions can help you analyze all the data you already have and gain actionable insights to improve operations. The products use big data and advanced analytics to convert data into actionable insights to improve IT operations.

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When disaster strikes: How IT process automation helps you recover fast

Implementation of a disaster recovery process using HP OO.pngEveryone hopes that their IT infrastructure will never experience a major disruption.


But you can’t run a business on hope.


Here is how automation and orchestration workflows can ensure that your Disaster Recovery procedures are ready through cost-effective, efficient and reliable testing.

RUM 9.24 for Mobile Monitoring: Understand your app’s performance, availability, and crashes

rum_mobile_924.pngAre you using HP Real User Monitor (RUM) for Mobile Monitoring? If not, you’re missing out on a great way to quickly identify and solve problems with your mobile apps!


RUM 9.24 provides you with even more ways to spot and solve problems - before their impact is widely felt by your users!


Are you interested in finding out how you can pre-emptively prevent problems? Keep reading to learn more about RUM for Mobile Monitoring!

Monitoring HP AppPulse mobile Big Data with HP SiteScope

sitescope dashboard 1.pngAre you curious about why the HP AppPulse mobile team decided to develop HP SiteScope application-focused monitors for its Vertica Big Data layer? Do you want to know how these monitors will help you?


Keep reading to find out how these monitors interact with other monitoring tools and techniques to detect and solve production issues related to Vertica cluster.  


Guest post by Sharon Dashet

AppPulse mobile DB Expert

Are your mobile users having fun? How can you be sure?

When you are at an amusement park, you get immediate response from visitors about how much fun they are having. You walk in and immediately hear the laughter and the thrilling screams. The energy surrounding the park is alive with fun!


amusement park.jpgHow can you tell if your users are having fun with your mobile application? Without having a way to monitor this, you may only know when they publically review it—and if they are unhappy the review can be very damaging to your reputation.


Keep reading to find out how you can check the pulse of your end users happiness and find out how much fun they are having with your product.


Guest post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go-to Market Sales, HP Software

The importance of monitoring every business transaction with Application Performance Management

blog4.PNGWhat is the big deal if you lose the information around a single transaction?


It can be a very big deal depending on the type of transaction. Your organization can face fines for lost transactions, a loss in reputation and future business opportunities.


Keep reading to learn how to capture the vital information that is within every transaction.

How to use Virtualization Performance Viewer to solve resource sprawl

resource sparawl 1.pngResource sprawl reduces application performance and causes the waste of resources like CPUs, memory, disks etc. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to reduce resource sprawl.  


Guest post by Divya  C Nambiar ( Software  Engineer VPV )

Manage all of your storage assets in one console

awareness.jpgDealing with the struggles surrounding storage is one of the most common problems within IT today. As Big Data gets bigger, it is difficult to find a place to store it all and to visualize it in one pane.


Keep reading to find out how you can easily manage your storage, servers and assets.


Guest Post by Shanti Yajnik, Software Product Engineer

HP India Software Operations

Switching to Monitoring Automation: Get Ready

Monitoring Automation (MA) is an extension to the Operations Bridge offering of Operations Manager i (OMi). It is able to fully automatically deploy the monitoring configuration for Operations Agents and SiteScope. MA is watching for any changes in the IT environment and necessary configuration tasks are automatically done. This helps to keep the IT elements compliant and business on track. With the availability of OMi 9.24 it is time to switch to MA and make use of all the new features.

In this blog article I will describe how to get ready for Monitoring Automation.


2014-06_Switching to Monitoring Automation.png

Manage all SiteScope events in a single pane of glass — Your simple visual guide

Sitescope events 1.pngWhen monitoring the performance and availability of your IT environment, wouldn’t it be great to see all real-time events in a single view? Here is a step-by-step look at how you can use HP SiteScope’s Event Console and Multi-View to manage the event lifecycle, prioritize and dispatch events, troubleshoot and track resolution progress from a single place.


Guest post by Tal Blizowsky, Software Engineer. SiteScope Application Team R&D

How to troubleshoot the RUM Server Collector data flow

Are you looking to make it easier to find your data flow? Today I outline the steps you can take to easily troubleshoot
the data flow from the HP Real User Monitor (RUM) SC (Server Collector) in case you don’t see in HP Business Service Management (BSM) the data from the server you installed the SC on it.

Flexible filtering of SiteScope Multi-View

multi view.jpgHaving a single view of the status of all of your systems is vital to making sure your operations are running smoothly. With HP SiteScope this monitoring is now easier than ever.


Keep reading to find out how you can easilyestablish a lightweight management solution which can manage the various levels of your IT.


Guest post by Sergey Persikov  HP APM Engineering and Michael Hollis, Technical Account Manager,

BSM/OMi and SiteScope Products

Lost? RUM comes to the rescue!

 Giligan's Island

Knowing your location and letting others know it might save you time. Ask Gilligan and the Skipper…


In many applications, the performance and availability of the application vary according to the location of the user. So knowing the location of the user dramatically accelerates problem isolation process. HP Real User Management (RUM) comes to the rescue and assists you finding your end user’s locations.


Keep reading to find out all about end-user geo-locations in RUM.

3 key features for log management with HP OLI

OLI screenshot.pngYour logs are there to save you when you have an error. The problem is that often times there is so much data to sift through to find the information you need.


Keep reading to find out how HP Operations Log Intelligence can help you find the interactions that you need.


Guest Post by Shimrit Yacobi, Software Engineer and Naama Shwartzblat, Technical Marketing Manager

Stop the escalations! How Tier 1 operators CAN resolve complex incidents

Like most IT organizations, yours probably faces pressure to reduce costs while still improve service quality. To succeed, you must make the most of what you have. Here’s how you can empower Tier 1 to take on a greater role resolving complex incidents and free up Tier 2 and 3 for more proactive measures.

Making the most of Operations Analytics for IT and finding the golden nugget in your data

Are you sitting on a gold mine of information that is just waiting to be found?


It can sure feel this way when you are looking at data to improve your IT operations. Continue reading to find out how HP Operations Analytics can help you dig deeper and find that golden nugget of information you have been searching for.

Are your customer-serving VMs perfectly load balanced? Learn how to balance yours!

Balance.PNGDo you know how to load balance your critical servers and ensure zero availability, performance and scalability issues beyond the using the tools like Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS)?  This is essential to know and understand to help your servers optimize performance.


Another common issue is trying to forecast and visualize the current load on the Virtualization infrastructure. Keep reading to find out how to answer these difficult questions within your environment.


Guest Post by Nagarajan K, HP Software Operations

Demystifying the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), the HP Point of View

SDDC teaser.PNGOne of the burgeoning topics in IT is the Software-Defined Data Center. I want to take this opportunity to give you the details about the HP view on the SDDC—in an easy to understand format.


Keep reading to find out why the Software-Defined Data Center is become so important and how all the levels all work together.

Drinking our own Analytics Champagne


This is a true story.

It's a story of an application we created for demo purposes which had been crashing and causing pre-sales productivity issues.

It's a story of an application problem we could not resolve for three years, despite all the monitoring and log searching capabilities we had at our disposal.

It's a story of how the new Log Analytics capability in Operations Analytics 2.1 found the root cause of this elusive problem in 30 min.

If this type of ROI is of interest to you – read on.

HP (mobile) on HP - A New Style of Demo

kudos.jpgOne of the most effective tools for an efficient presentation is telling a personal story. I learned this during HP Discover. This concept applies if you are speaking in front of a large crowd (like on the HP Discover main stage), or are doing a one-on-one demo (maybe at the HPSW pavilion).

For example, by telling about a use case that helped solve a real problem using BSM you will usually find a sympathetic ear. Talking about a personal experience with a customer is something that conveys credibility.



At this HP Discover we made a breakthrough – A New Style of Demo.


Almost every one of the ten thousand people who attended the conference contributed to the enrichment of the demo.

So what is this breakthrough? Keep reading to find out.

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  • With 11 plus years of very broad experience as a deployment expert for all the NMC products, my deliverables includes helping the Sales and Pre-Sales team in sizing and architecting the solution and hardware, assisting the implementers in product deployment and helping the customers directly when the products are deployed in production setup. As part of Customer Assist Team, I participate in a lot of customer facing activities from R&D side and provides best practices of using HP SW NMC products for efficient network management and leverage my rich experience in Network Node Manager and related iSPIs products.
  • Venkatesh is a CCNA/CCNP certified professional with 14+ years of experience as a n/w operator, administrator, designer , QA engineer and currently in the role of technical consultant assisting medium to large enterprises & Service providers in adopting NMC suite of products.He is also responsible for getting the feedback/comments from customers back to R&D influencing the release of appealing products. Venkatesh has a B.E degree in Electronics & Communication from University of Mysore and C-PGDBA from Symbiosis Pune, India.
  • I'm an Architect with HP Software BSM, with 15 years of experience in Storage Resource Management solutions at HP.
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