Business Service Management (BAC/BSM/APM/NNM)
More than everything monitoring, BSM provides the means to determine how IT impacts the bottom line. Its purpose and main benefit is to ensure that IT Operations are able to reactively and proactively determine where they should be spending their time to best impact the business. This covers event management to solve immediate issues, resource allocation and through reporting performance based on the data of applications, infrastructure, networks and from third-party platforms. BSM includes powerful analytics that gives IT the means to prepare, predict and pinpoint by learning behavior and analyzing IT data forward and backwards in time using Big Data Analytics applied to IT Operations.

Reduce downtime for Communications Service Providers with Operations Analytics


MWC_Barc_TW_LI.jpgCommunications Service Providers, like others, struggle to go through all the monitoring data necessary to deliver maximum up-time. They would much rather spend their valuable on innovation instead of looking through data.


Operations Analytics can help. Make sure you join us at Mobile World Congress to learn how. Read on to get a preview.


Guest post by  Rick Winford, IT Operations Analytics Manager at HP Software

Easier event handling for Operations Manager i

As we all know that Operations Manager i offers a powerful web-based user interface. It is targeted for both operators and administrators and offers a variety of capabilities for operational tasks.




In this blog, I will highlight some cool command line tools related for event handling for the Operations Manager i –versions 9.2x and 10. Keep reading to find out my tips and tricks for these command line tools.




Meet the 3 themes of the new Business Service Management 9.25

With this new version of Business Service Management 9.25, we focused on three main themes: Mobility, Simplification and Resilience.


Keep reading to find out what advancements we have made in this latest version.

From Low-Star to 5-Star: Redefining the Mobile App User Experience

MWC-2015-top.jpgThe power and freedom of connected mobile computing continues to raise the expectations of mobile app users – they expect, even demand, an exceptional user experience at all times and from anywhere. 


I am presenting with Eric Odell at Mobile World Congress and I encourage you to join us to see a live demonstration of how HP AppPulse Mobile can measure the user experience, improve mobile app ratings, reduce abandonment rates and protect your revenue – without any code changes. 


Read on to hear of what we are doing at Mobile World Congress 2015.




The All-New SHR 9.40! 3 Developments in HP Service Health Reporter you won't want to miss!


HP Service Health Reporter (SHR) version 9.40 was recently released and it offers  a host of new features.


For those new to the product, SHR is a reporting solution that enables IT service

reporting of dynamic IT environments.



Keep reading to discover what’s new in HP Service Health Reporter 9.40.

How to make vPV send out email notifications

HP Virtual Performance Viewer (vPV) supports sending OPC messages to HP Operations Manager and OMi, but how do you make vPV send out email notifications?hp-404bc1bc5da224443ef4cf54cbbe9092b6c6aec9.jpeg


Read on to find out how to do this using the community-supported contributed content at HP Live Network.


Do note - in my experience the best approach to handle the vPV generated events is to send it to a regular event manager tool or system such as HP OM or OMi, and let the L1 and L2 guys handle the problem via trouble tickets and the like.


Of course, if in your company you are really all of this - the operator, the vpv guy, the help desk - then you can cut this all short by sending the emails to yourself...

Can lessons from SpeechTrans help you deliver a 5-Star mobile app using Big Data? - webinar

mobile 5.pngJoin this free webinar to learn how SpeechTrans improved customer experience and delivered 5-Star rated apps. They used HP AppPulse Mobile to track what is truly important. Read on to hear more about what will be covered.

What’s new in HP SaaS? Find out how to get more from SaaS BSM!

RUM.pngDid you know that the HP Software-as-a-Service organization is offering a fully functional Business Service Management (BSM) platform on the HP SaaS cloud?


Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from the capabilities that SaaS enables. We have four new software integrations for new and existing customers for you to learn about.

Easily report on your SLAs with this new SLM content pack

I recently worked with a customer, who we will call Eva, and she has complex availability reporting needs on all CI types, including Business Services. If this sounds familiar and you struggle with reporting like Eva, keep reading to find out how we met Eva’s needs and made her successful.

Take a look at the Darwinian evolution of Operations Manager – webinar

Will Gillen.jpgIs your business keeping up with the pace of the changing IT environment? Are you curious how others are keeping up?


Join us for a webinar on Feb 4 where you can hear from Fidelity about their evolution and how they have accomplished their goals by adopting HP Operations Bridge.

Solve your IT performance issues with Big Data analytics - webinar

Operations Analytics 4.pngDo you need ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) to help you process all of your monitoring data to speed up the resolution of IT problems? Are you looking for alerts, Splunk and OneView integration for your Big Data Operations Analytics platform?


If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have the webinar for you! Read on to learn more…

Configuring the NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic to visualize application traffic in a large network

Infrastructure view of Network.PNGNetwork traffic classification is an important requirement for network administrators who want to understand the network traffic in the context of applications. This blog post describes how the NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic application mapping functionality can be effectively used to achieve this traffic classification—even for very large networks carrying a huge traffic volume.


Guest post by Lokesh Chenta, Software Developer for the HP NMC portfolio

7 advancements to vPV to boost private cloud management

Dashboard210.pngHP Virtualization Performance Viewer version 2.10 was recently released and am really excited to talk about all the new advancements made to it.


Read on to know all about it.

Unleash the integration power of HP Diagnostics and RUM in 3 steps

Diagnostics 4.PNGHP Diagnostic’s insights can be combined with any other BSM component to create powerful pages tailored for your needs. Learn how build a page that will lead you from detection of a user problem, to the line of code that caused it.


Guest post by Atali Levi, Developer

HP IT: Getting to Root Cause Faster with Data Analytics Q+A

Operations Analytics 4.pngGary Brandt, HP IT and Sancha Norris, HP Software gave a recent webinar on how operations analytics can speed time to diagnose IT problems.


Listen to the whole webinar recording or read the questions and answers from the webinar in this post.

Monitoring and Managing Unified Communications over Microsoft Lync with NNM iSPI for IP Telephony

NNM iSPI 1.pngThe HP Network Node Manager iSPI for IP Telephony (NNM iSPI for IPT) addresses the common challenges of managing Microsoft® Lync environments. With its single console, the NNM iSPI for IPT consolidates the events, reporting, configuration, and monitoring of the Lync environment. This post describes the use of the NNM iSPI for IPT in some common troubleshooting use cases.


Guest post by Lalitha Pogula, HP Network Node Manager i Software team

Monitoring your virtual datacenter with HP vPV and Storage Essentials Capacity Manager

vPV performance workbench metrics.PNGVirtual server and storage technologies can accelerate performance bottleneck problems and pose capacity planning concerns, due to their nature of overcommitting resources.


Read on to hear about tools that can help you manage these problems.


Guest post by Inge De Maere, Storage Resource Management Functional Architect at HP Software

AppPulse Mobile – create an exceptional mobile experience - webinar

mobile 5.pngMobile app performance, stability and usability matter. A lot. Failure in any one of these results in lost revenue, lost customers, poor app ratings and user churn.

Listen to this webinar replay or read the Q+A to find out how to make sure your app gets a 5-star rating.

Network compliance, security and automation – you know you need it

What's the compliance problem.jpgThere are three main aspects of network automation: compliance, security, and automation. The job of network compliance is to make sure that the network devices such as switches and routers are running the configurations that meet the policies set by the organization. Network security allows organizations to run proper configurations to meet the security standards that apply to them so there won’t be any negative effects to the network. By automating, you can perform massive changes in a very simple UI-based approach that’s not error-prone. And the history of the changes is recorded so you can see what was changed, when it was changed, and by whom.


Keep reading to find out how these aspects of Network Automation can help you.


Guest post by Swamy Mandavilli, Functional Architect in the Network Management Center R&D group


A HP Service Health Reporter year end wrap-up: Adieu (farewell) 2014! Bienvenue (welcome) 2015!

shr_2014_2015.jpgCan you believe it’s almost 2015? December seemed to usher in a feeling of nostalgia ... True, every day is a chance to start anew. But, somehow, when a year is about to end we find ourselves more conscious of time and choices. Having the urge to recap and stand still for a bit is something I guess I’m not alone in…


It’s interesting to travel back in time in the moments leading up to the New Year and see how we've evolved over the past one ... And also to build up a sense of excitement for the "unknown" that’s right around the corner...


So this final blog post on HP Service Health Reporter(SHR) for the year2014 recaps some favorites shared with you over the past year.... As another year comes to an end and as the New Year dawns with new hopes and aspirations, we also share a sneak peek of what we’re excited about 2015…!

Using ‘R’ to develop statistical analytics in Operations Analytics!

Everything in today’s world is personalized – from your smartphone cover to your house interior design. We believe you should also be able to customize your analytics. R” is the leading tool for statistics, data analysis, and machine learning, and HP Operations Analytics lets you use “R” to create your own tailor made analytics suit.


Keep reading to find out how R works with HP Operations Analytics, and how you can use these together to develop your very own statistical analytics.

New Video: Working with Alerts in HP Operations Analytics

HP Operations Analytics now enables you to create alerts based on metric and log data. You can specify the conditions of the alert, allowing you to proactively monitor known issues and prevent escalations. 


Continue reading to find out the basic steps of creating an alert within Operations Analytics. 

Q+A Network automation: Security unplugged

Chris Powers, General Motors and Wendy Wheeler, HP Software gave a webinar on network automation, security and compliance.


Read on to read the questions and answers from the webinar or listen to the whole webinar.

Step-by-step guide to troubleshooting HP Network Automation driver issues

take snapshot.PNGWhen working with HP Network Automation there are some common situations that can require a support call. This blog post facilitates the identification and classification of a number of common error conditions. We run through some common situations to demonstrate whether an error is environmental (for example: device errors, network issues, and environmental settings), in the NA core product (across all device drivers), or related to a specific NA device driver.


Keep reading to get your guide to troubleshooting Network Automation and to find out what logs are important to provide to the support team.


Guest post by John Burchett, HP NA driver team

Introducing SDN Pack for HP Network Automation

Swamy.PNGSoftware Defined Networking (SDN) is a simplified approach to networking that separates the control plane (controller) from the data plane (switches). A recent survey showed that the lack of management tools is one of the top concerns holding back SDN deployments. But what if network engineers had an SDN tool set with configuration and compliance capabilities, an intuitive graphical user interface, and enough intelligence that operators do not need to know detailed device configuration steps and instructions?


Keep reading to meet the SDN Pack for HP Network Automation and see how it is an answer to these concerns.


Guest post by Swamy Mandavilli, Functional Architect in the Network Management Center R&D group


New Operations Analytics 2.2: Splunk, Alerts and OneView for data insights that simplify complex IT

Operations Analytics 2.2  1.pngOur new release of Operations Analytics helps you get even better at taking in data from all sources to proactively manage operational performance and reduce MTTR. Continue reading to learn about the latest advances.


Guest post by Sancha Norris, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Operations Analytics

My recipe for monitoring success: How to create a layer cake of the right performance metrics

cherry 1.jpgWhen most user-facing services are comprised of many components, often from multiple sources, a fault in just one of them can cripple your service. A single flavor of monitoring can’t provide you with the comprehensive, nuanced picture your organization needs.


Here is how I create a layered monitoring approach to greatly reduce faults, incidents and downtime, and keep MTTR to the minimum.


Guest post by Eli Eyal, OSS Team Leader at Playtech

Hear Chris Powers of General Motors discuss network automation: security unplugged

NA compliance graphic only.JPGNetwork security and compliance are now big issues with all of the breaches occurring and newer regulations such as Sarbanes–Oxley. For compliance even if an organization doesn’t have outside regulations there are internal standards to meet.


Read more about what Chris Powers of GM and Wendy Wheeler of HP will say about how HP Network Automation (NA) helps control security and insure compliance in this free webinar.

Barcelona – 1 HP – 3. IT Operations game changing announcements at HP Discover

golden_ball_award__1_-620x330.jpgGOOOAAAALLL! I am here at HP Discover in Barcelona and the excitement and announcements remind me of the experience I had as a child and going to the football game.


Keep reading to find out what announcements we made and how we kicked the golden ball of operations management into the goal!

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