Making Agent and Agentless Monitoring Seamless

Since SiteScope became part of the HP Software portfolio as part of the Mercury Interactive acquisition, we've been working to integrate it progressively more with our Operations Manager product line.

Operations Manager provides excellent agent based monitoring capabilities, but on some occasions it is desirable to use an agentless approach to monitoring  - and SiteScope provides an outstanding agentless monitoring capability.


The first integration task was to bring SiteScope alerts into Operations Manager  to provide a consolidated view of all events from the infrastructure no matter how it is monitored - agent or agentless. That was accomplished shortly after the Mercury Interactive Acquisition. Next the discovery information from SiteScope was integrated into the Operations Manager Service Views to enable the user to visualize the impact of the alerts in a consistent manner.


Those integrations simplified the Operators view of an agent and agentless monitored environment - providing a consistent user interface for all events / alerts and a single service model.


The next step was to simplify administration of the combined solution. First steps there were the ability to cross launch from the Operations Manager User interface into the SiteScope interface and, a little later, the integration of SiteScope Administration Manager (SAM) into the Operations Manager interface.


One of the powerful features of Operations Manager is the policy editing, version control and deployment functionality. Policies are used to define what gets monitored, what alerts get generated and how the Operations Manager agent and server responds to those alerts. In large environments with 100s or 1000s of monitored nodes the task of managing the configuration of "what policies go where" can be significant so Operations Manager has a whole set of functionality designed to make that task manageable.


With Operations Manager 9.1 and the recently released SiteScope 11.12 patch we've brought the powerful policy management capabilities of Operations Manager to SiteScope templates.

Now you can configure and deploy SiteScope template from within Operations Manager - and that means that you have access to all of the rich Policy management features that apply to Operations Manager policies. 

  • Centralized configuration of Operations Manager policies and SiteScope templates in single consistent user interface
  • Versioning of SiteScope Templates
  • Deployment of SiteScope templates / probes from within Operations Manager including scheduled deployments
  • Parallel roll out of templates to multiple SiteScope servers
  • Centralized reporting of the SiteScope configuration
  • Simpler trans-firewall configuration via Operations Manager single port HTTPS capabilities


Of course many customers already have a whole bunch of SiteScope templates that they have developed… so we are also providing tools to enable import of those templates into Operations Manager (and conversion to policies of course). The import can be done for a single template (via a graphical user interface) or as a batch function.


For our customers using SiteScope and Operations Manager together this is a significant new set of capabilities that streamlines and simplifies the administration activities considerably.


If you are just an Operations Manager user then don't forget that when you buy the new Instance based agent and Smart Plug-In products (the OS Instance Advanced agent) you get an entitlement to use SiteScope for some specific monitoring - so this new integration is something that you should take a close look at.

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