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hp e-pc c10 BIG PROBLEM 1

Hey Hi Everyone


I am brand new here and I came for some help with 2 of my Hp e-pc c10 machines. I will do the most confusing one in this post and the second in another post


Here is PROBLEM 1  

The machine is a hp e-pc c10  Pentuim III  Intel Celeron Processor  at 701 MegHz speed  with 128meg ram          Yea it's old but don't laugh the other 10 that  I have work perfectly!!!!

The machine is Product Number P2795T ATA.  I can not find this product number in the hp Service Handbook Chapter.


I turned the machine on after not using it for about a six week and I got the " CMOS battery needs to be replaced" screen

No problem....can do ....and did.

When I rebooted the machine came up to a  "hp serial utility: Version A.05.01" page that asked me to enter the serial number

Using the serial number on the side of the machine..US10950755  Which when entered asked me to hit F3 to validate.

Doing that took me directly to my Windows Xp Pro Operating system platform.  GREAT! The machine worked perfectly!!



Next boot....same routine....except this time I hit "CANCEL" and the machine went straight to Windows Xp Pro


Next boot I thought I would try getting into the Setup program to see if there was a spot that would hold the Serial Number,

So I hit F2 on the  hp INVENT splash screen.

After trying to start.....I got "Entering Setup" and two items on the screen (Master Hard Drive and Secondary drive)....the screen went blank for about 15 seconds and I got a SETUP PASSWORD window that told me  the setup passwords are corrupted

and to turn off the PC and  set the password clear switch (sw1) to close and reboot.

OK I did that....... and got a screen that said the passwords were cleared and to reboot

I tried to reboot and when I hit F2 to enter setup.....I got the same screen.

I rebooted again and this time waited until the cpmputer came back up to the hp Serial Number screen


The problem continues to be cicular...same screens with each boot BUT going to Windows Xp if I enter the serial number or hit cancel.

I have changed the RAM...that didn't even let me get to the serial number screen....I've repalce the CMOS Barttery 3 times with brand new ones....AND... I've changed the processor.  No luck with any of these.


So the question is simple,,,,,,, What am I dong wrong and how can I fix it.?

How do I get past the hp serial number screen and get the computer  to save the serial number?

How do I get into the Setup pages and IF I do can I save the serial number there?


Thanks in advance to everyone who can help with this one.......Problem #2 coming next..


 I'm Don and I am in the Great White North!!





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Re: hp e-pc c10 BIG PROBLEM 1

Looks like old settings interefe in the CMOS.


1.) Clear CMOS!

2.)Switch clear PSWD to ON.

3.) Reboot PC.


Hope that helps.

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