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WinXP and RIS

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I am have the same problem as this guy,,0xfb8a3f9a15add711abdc0090277a778c,00.html

Not matter what I do WinXP over Win2000 Server RIS on a Compaq EVO 510 CMT, doesn't work. It just tells me I need the required drivers. This really makes me ticked. My company buys these for our stations. If ya'll can't fix this I am going to have to stop buying compaqs or HPs.

I have tried copying driver files to I386 and to $OEM$\$1\Drivers\Nic and editing the .sif file for OemPreinstall=Yes and OemPnpDriversPath=Drivers\Nic. Nothing works. We are just told that the driver cannot be loaded.

I can deploy Windows 2000 with no problems.

I have been using SP20955.exe to get my drivers what is wrong!

I need to know exactly what files go where. I want names and locations. I've seen too many "*.inf's" and "*.sys's" over the last 2 months.



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Re: WinXP and RIS

Do you have SP3 installed on your windows 2000 server ?

<< please try >>
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Re: WinXP and RIS

I have exactly the same problem RIS saying I have the wrong drivers. My RIS server is W2K SP4. Any one get this working please let me know
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Re: WinXP and RIS

I know exactly how you feel here. I tried a number of things to sort the network drivers issue. In the end I located the XP and Win 2000 drivers for the network card installed on my machines and then placed them into the I386 directory of the image that I had created and also (as microsoft instructed) installed them into the $OEM$ folder and the NIC folder alongside the I386 folder. I then went through microsofts document step by step. This seems to have solved it. That is until I have got to the next problem where the system hangs during the "Starting WIndows" stage.
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