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Vectra VL420 startup problems. 2 beeps

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I just got this Vectra VL420 from a surplus store. I try to start up I get this funny music and then two beeps. I understand two beeps indicate power problems. But not sure what to do to rectify this. Appreciate any help any of you can offer.



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Re: Vectra VL420 startup problems. 2 beeps

The "music" you hear is the S/N, model, and POST error code rolled up into a tone that can be interpreted over the phone by special software. You can actually hold your receiver close to the PC and an HP agent launches a program that listens to these tones and deciphers them quickly. The idea was to capture PC information and error code and enter into our systems thereby decreasing call time. Great concept, but never took off unfortunately. It's no longer supported.

Anyway, below, I have outlined the official 2 beep error code and the official HP troubleshooting suggestions. The "power supply in protected mode" was rarely the fault of the power supply, rather it was a problem somewhere else. A short, or dirty power (dirty power can come from poor wiring or cheap power strips, etc).

2 beeps: Power supply is in protected mode.
Note: This error does not necessarily indicate a power supply failure.

a: Unplug the power cord from the back of the PC while checking all items. Once the power supply is in protected mode, power must be unplugged for at least 15 seconds before the system will power up.

b: Make sure the voltage setting on the power supply is set correctly for your country. (Refer to the User's Manual for more details). 115v vs. 230v

c. The power supply may be too hot: check the fan to see if there is a blockage or to see if the fan is working.

d. There may be a short circuit on the motherboard: unplug PCI cards and power from all devices (FDD, HDD, CDD) and try to power up again.

Short of this, you could try a new power supply, after all, they rank #1 in failures compared to all other components. They also rank #1, however, in NTF (no trouble found) when returned to the, who knows?! Make sure the replacement power supply has the 4 pin Pentium 4 power connector, too.

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Re: Vectra VL420 startup problems. 2 beeps


Appreciate your response. Tried every one of those did not work.

With the HP power soupply the fans start run for couple of seconds and then shutoff. With a new powersupply, the fans start off and the Chipset gets terribly hot. but still POST does start. I'm thinking suspecting something is wrong with MB or processor. The original powersupply senses it and shuts off while the new one just keeps going and heats up the chipset on MotherBoard.

Appreciate any other ideas.....
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Re: Vectra VL420 startup problems. 2 beeps

i have the same problem
Problem 1.Power supply is in protected mode
error code 2 beeps

anyone know how to resolve that
some answers please
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