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To solve bios update

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I`ve tried to update the bios Hewlett Packard HP Vectra VL400 - System BIOS Version IP.01.08instead of the version IP.01.07 but I got the message "can not flash when memory managers(e.g MEM386) are present" please give me a sugestion.

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Re: To solve bios update

Create a boot floppy without a memory manager present? Try using an old DOS 6.22 boot floppy, for example. Or use one from Win98 that has just the system files copied to it, rather than the Win98 "startup disk".

Make sure the floppy isn't infected with a boot sector virus? That's a possibility.

If the 32-bit version of the flash utility is included in the package, use it inside of Windows, instead of the DOS package?

These should take care of 90% plus of issues.


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Re: To solve bios update

Edit the autoexec.bat/config.sys files to remove any reference to HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE. or just rename the autoexe.bat and config.sys files to autoexec.old and config.old and reboot.

ren autoexec.bat autoexec.old
ren config.sys config.old

You shouldn't need any fancy drivers to just do a bios update.

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