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PCI Fan on Kayak XU800

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This is more an annoyance than a major issue. The PCI Fan on the Kayak starts and then stops. I've replaced the fan assembly, but this didn't solve the problem. The only reason I'm posting is that once before HP Top Tools posted an alert with a critical notice concerning the PCI fan. My Kayak doesn't get too hot inside to warrant any major issues, but I am concerned. Please respond and thanks!



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Re: PCI Fan on Kayak XU800

As far as I know the fan is controlled by the system. The only thing that could influence the behavior is another bios. You could try that.

<< please try >>
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Re: PCI Fan on Kayak XU800

If by "starts and then stops" this is on bootup, this is normal behavior.

If it's when the unit is running, it also can be normal behavior if the system is momentarily stressed, say by rendering a large 3D image. Localized heating, fan spins up, cools the region down, fan spins down.

As Dries said, the fan speed is controlled by the BIOS. IIRC some intermittant fan errors were resolved in BIOS 11.08. Latest is 11.10 (July 2001)

Last, spurious fan errors in TopTools occurred on some old versions of TopTools. Check to see if you have the latest version approved for the XU800 installed. 5.0.42 for W2K, 5.0.21 for NT. Both were released after the BIOS so chances are your system may have an TopTools client installed.

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