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Kayak doesn't boot anymore (BIOS error)

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this week I installed a SCSI-DVD to my Kayak XW-450 W3 (Dual P2-450/512).
After switching on the PC, it just complains about "Error-Bios" in the LCD and the red power-LED is blinking.
There's not even a POST.

It was blinking before sometimes, but it always went away after some hours.
Until now :-(

I have read about letting the machine running for 10h, but this didn't help.

I've tried to start it without the DVD (even without the tape), but that didn't work either.

I've also tried to do a master-reset (DIP-switch 6) it.

Any more ideas ?





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Re: Kayak doesn't boot anymore (BIOS error)


The only suggestion I have is to drop the box to a bare bones pulling the 2nd processor (should be a slot proc, so not a big deal) and any extra memory you may have installed. Although admittedly this would generally be detected during POST, not before.

Since you were working in the case, maybe something was knocked a little loose? Have you checked your power supply connection to the mobo? Checked the monitor connection in the back? Checked to make sure both processors are firmly seated?
Did you ground yourself with a static strap before opening the case and adding the DVD drive? Hopefully an errant static discharge didn't fry the mobo.

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Re: Kayak doesn't boot anymore (BIOS error)


I got the same error last week... I just removed all the cards from pci/agp slots, and it worked fine !


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