HP Vectra VL400 Beeps 6 times after shutting down from Win98 (152 Views)
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HP Vectra VL400 Beeps 6 times after shutting down from Win98

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Hi People

I 'inheritted'a HP Vectra and it has been unused for about 3 months and unplugged from power. Its running win 98 and it boots OK into the OS but then after about 20 minutes (sometimes sooner) it shuts down, makes a horrendous 'warbling' sound and then beeps 6 times. In saying that it shuts down, I could be incorrect in saying that as the power still stays on and the Power Led (green) and orange LED next to it (padlock symbol) stays on as does the fan on the processor.

Have changed out keyboard and mouse. I thought the CMOS battery may have been flat so left it on for 24 hours in the 'shutdown mode' that it imposed on itself.

The BIOS is Phoenix BIOS 4.0 release 6.0 and the processor is a PIII-1000 with 256Mb RAM. I have looked at the beep codes online and it points to the Keyboard controller and something to do with an 'A20' but the codes I am looking at are NOT for Phoenix but AMI Bios - the beep codes for the Phoenix just doesn't make sense.

Any help would be much appreciated :)




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Re: HP Vectra VL400 Beeps 6 times after shutting down from Win98

The "warble" is a diagnostic code, sometimes called "e-buzzer" or "pre-boot diagnostics".


6 beeps is "BIOS corrupted".

Suggestions: Virus/trojan scan. Reflash BIOS is a bit risky, since the machine might shut down during the flash which takes about 2 minutes. Still, there's a crisis recovery feature on that unit which should allow you to recover.

See bootblock recovery at:
That's the BIOS file read me for the VL400.

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Re: HP Vectra VL400 Beeps 6 times after shutting down from Win98

Hi Skiser

Thanks for your help on this problem. I followed all the instructions from the URL you posted regarding reflashing the BIOS and adjusting the bootlock via switch 3 on the mobo. After the reboot it loaded in to win98 and then ... did the warble and 6 beeps again :(

Interesting point to note that we can safely boot into safe mode and it stays up indefinitely - same applies when the machine is in DOS. I suspect that the thing doesn't like operating systems as we did have Win XP Professional on it and then reformatted and installed Win 98 thinking that there were issues with Win XP. The PC originally had Win 2K and Novell Netware but we reformatted the HDD and then added Win XP.

Any further ideas before we use it as a door stopper would be cool.

Kindest regards
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