Boot error beeps on HP Kayak XU 6/300 (96 Views)
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Boot error beeps on HP Kayak XU 6/300

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Ever since I tried to replace an ISDN-adapter on a HP Kayak XU 6/300, it gives a beeping pattern on power-up wich goes like this:


There aren't any messages on the screen.
I tried to replace my AGP-video card with another, but that didn't do the trick.

Any ideas?



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Re: Boot error beeps on HP Kayak XU 6/300

You can find information about the beepcodes on
You can also contact HP to ask what the code means. They usually tell you immediately.

Good luck,

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Re: Boot error beeps on HP Kayak XU 6/300

Hi Roland
Beep code 4-4-2-4 = Crisis Recovery Failure (only if switch 10 is down). Check URL for Beep codes
and check to see the Dip switch settings
You are, at the moment, in a very critical situation. If the Bios crisis recovery fails when trying to recover the bios, then that's it. You need a new Mainboard
If however you didn't touch dip switch No.10. I find it hard to believe that this is possible when you take a ISDN Card out, unless you tried a clear CMos when taking out the ISDN card and also switched (clear CMos = switch No. 6)
Then you should try doing a Bios Crisis recovery, but you'll need the latest Bios on a bootable floppy to be able to do this.
Check your Technical Reference Manual for instructions.

Good Luck
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Re: Boot error beeps on HP Kayak XU 6/300

um... i tried using the links and the page cannot be found
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