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dc7800 SFF HDD mounting screws

I've acquired a nice DC7800 SFF pc that is in need of the special screws used to mount the hard drive to the tray/case. It appears they are designed to both dampen / isolate vibration and secure the drive. Does anyone know how to get these from HP or some supplier?


The are metal screws with a red plastic sleeve


Thanks in advance,


      Larry C

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Re: dc7800 SFF HDD mounting screws

Hi, Larry:


You are correct. Those are exactly what you need.


There isn't a spare set of 4 inside the case by the drive bay?


I just mailed my only spare set of 4 to another person who needed them.


There are no part numbers listed to order them.


I recommend you call the HP parts store and see if they have them.


To order HP computer parts and printer parts by phone please call 1-800-227-8164 , Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.



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Re: dc7800 SFF HDD mounting screws

I had the same problem.  You have to remove the plastic face plate and they are by the drive bays.

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Re: dc7800 SFF HDD mounting screws

I realize this is an old thread, but this is the first place Google finds when searching for the answer to this issue.

I ran into the same trouble and finally found the answer, which no one else seems to have mentioned anywhere.


Unlike the dc7100's\dc7600's\dc7700's before them, the dc7800's have TWO different types of screws; one standard set to fit a HDD under the DVD drive at the front, and another bigger set with vibration-dampening plastic in them, for fitting a HDD under the PSU.


You can see them in this link from HP, just scroll down a bit:


This is an annoyance for anyone like me who bought the units 2nd-hand with no HDD, but with a floppy drive installed, as the only spare screws provided (on the front, as mentioned in previous posts) allow a HDD only to be installed where the floppy sits, which means having no face plate in that space once you remove the FDD. This is the first time I've seen an HP desktop without spare screws on the front.


This is a very disappointing move from HP.


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Re: dc7800 SFF HDD mounting screws

This is an OLD thread but I thought I'd reply in order to help others with this problem.  I purchased some DC7800s and some 8000 Elites second hand.  They too were missing the drive mounting screws.  I did some experimenting and found a cheap and easy solution without having to buy  HP screws on eBay for the ripoff price of $10 to $15 a set.


Here's what you need:


4 ea.     #6-32 machine screws in 3/8" length ( Make sure you get 3/8" length! )

8 ea.     #4 washers

10 ea.     #10 washers



I purchased these three items at my local Lowes store.  Home Depot did not have everything.  Any good hardware store will have all three items.


Heres what you do:


1) Slide two of the #4 washers onto each of the machine screws.

2) Slide two additional #10 washers on two of the machine screws.

3) Slide three additional #10 washers on to the other two machine screws.


Two of the machine screws will now have two #4 washers and two #10 washers.

The other two machine screws will have two #4 washers and three #10 washers.


When you slide the #4 washers on to the machine screws it will be a tight fit but they will go on. 


I did some experimenting and found that if I put two #4 washers and three #10 washers on each machine screw, it made for a really tight fit and the drive did not slide in well.   I then tried two #4 washers and two #10 washers and found the drive was just a little loose and sloppy when sliding into the bay.


Finally, I found that if I had two #10 washers on one side and three #10 washers on the other side of the drive, it fit absolutely perfectly with no extra play.  It cost about $1 for a complete set of mounting screws.  I ended up making six sets of mounting screws. 


Depending on the brand of washers you get,  the thickness may vary.  You may need to experiment to see what works best for you.  Hope this helps someone.



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