Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe? (47572 Views)
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Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe?

I need HPUSBFW.exe, and several non-HP sites have it, but they have different sizes, and some sites have suspicious pop-ups so I don't trust any of them.  Where on hp.com is the download for this utility?

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Re: Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe?

What machine is it used on?

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Re: Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe?

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Re: Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe?

In case you are still interested in this thread, here is what we found:


The executable HPUSBFW.exe is included in BIOS update packages for hardware across the HP range (termed ROMPaq). It appears that the executable has been extracted from some of these packages and posted on download sites such as CNET and Softpedia; hence the multiplicity of sizes and versions.


Even so, it ought to be straightforward to download the ROM update package for your specific hardware from the HP support pages so you can get a verified copy. If though, your hardware is not one of those supported this way, then using another that from another model will probably work.


For example, the HP 2530p Elitebook includes the executable in the package found here:



(or direct dld link here: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp58001-58500/sp58248.exe)


Hope this is of use even thought the thread is rather long in the tooth.

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Re: Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe?

  • Download a BIOS update softpaq for a recent HP commercial notebook (8740w, for example). Although this step references software that is specific to HP commercial notebooks, the process will produce a DOS bootable USB drive for use with HP commercial desktop and notebook computers.

  • Expand the contents of the softpaq without initiating the BIOS update:

    • Open a Command Prompt from Windows.

    • Navigate to the directory where the softpaq was downloaded to.

    • Execute the following command to extract the softpaq contents:

      sp????? -e -fc:\swsetup\sp????? -s

      Where sp????? is the file name of the softpaq.

    • Exit the Command Prompt.

  • HPUSBFW.exe will be located in the directory c:\swsetup\sp?????\.

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Paul Tikkanen
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Re: Where on hp.com can I download HPUSBFW.exe?

You can also use the official file from HP that I have zipped and attached below...


Remember to add the DOS commands file too, after you used the tool to make the flash drive bootable if you want to run command such as flashbin.exe.


I have attached those too...


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