WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF (8744 Views)
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WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF

I've recently noticed a handful of our PCs aren't waking up on LAN, which we use to install updates via WSUS out of hours. This issue is affecting only some DC5800 boxes, but all 6000 Pro SFF PCs, which we've just started to roll out. Initial investigation didn't show anything, until we started to look at the bios and NIC versions.

The earlier DC5800's came with 786F2 v01.04 bios and 82566DM combo, and they've been fine. However, later revisions have 786F2 v01.51 bios and 82566DM-2 NICs, none of which can be woken on LAN.

As for the 6000s, they initally came with 786G2 v01.09 bios and 82567LM-3 NIC which has never worked and we've tried every bios version since on our test boxes with no joy.

Just before people just throwing the obvious questions, yes - WOL is enabled in the bios and the NIC is showing network activity in its shutdown state.

Has anyone else had an issue with this hardware?

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Re: WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF

I just known:

NICs of dc7700/dx7300 are Intel 82566DM which Device ID=104A.

NICs of dc5800/dc7800 are Intel 82566DM-2 which Device ID=10BD.

NICs of dc7900/6000Pro are Intel 82567LM-3 which Device ID=10DE.

Maybe you should update Intel NIC firmware.

Intel PRO/1000 Firmware


Type: Firmware
Version: 1.10 Rev. A (15 Jul 2009)
File name: sp44020.exe (2.7 MB)

- Fixes a switch port lockup issue that is caused by fragmented data packets.
This intermittent issue can result in a dropped network connection with some
models of HP ProCurve Switches when operating at 1 GB/s transfer rates.

- Fixes duplex mismatch issue that is caused by a gigabit configuration burst.
This intermittent issue can occur with Cisco and HP ProCurve Switches and
results in slow network performance.
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Re: WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF

Thanks for the reply.

That firmware relates only to the 82566DM NIC, not later revisions, and all PCs with that particular NIC have been waking up fine. I've tried searching for new firmwares for both the 82566DM-2 and 82567* NICs (both here and on Intel's website) and all I've come up with is drivers.

However, we have just found a single 5800 with a different bios version to the rest that is working ok, so we're going to try that version on the non-working boxes. As for the 6000s, we've tried 3 different bios versions now (tried the latest last night with no luck).

One solution would be to set the bios to wake up, but that involves going around to every PC out-of-hours and manually setting it, which if fine but we have around 150 PCs at various sites, some of which are un-manned by IT staff. Does anyone know of a way of changing bios settings remotely?
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Re: WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF

Hi dward,

Have you checked the driver settings? The device driver can affect the way the NIC will respond to wakeup events, even in S5.

As far as remotely distributing BIOS settings, I would recommend trying some of the HP BIOS tools like RepSet:


... or BiosConfigUtility:

Hope this helps,

I am an HP Employee.
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Re: WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF

1. T say again, but lasttime:

NIC of dc5800 is Intel 82566DM-2 which Device ID=10BD, not Intel 82566DM which Device ID=104A.


VEN_8086&DEV_10BD = Intel 82566DM Gigabit NIC

(Note: It's 82566DM-2, not 82566DM)

2. HP Client Management Solutions - HP System Software Manager



BIOS Configuration Utility
A Windows based BIOS configuration utility is provided in the SSM SoftPaq. This command
line utility provides an easy method to get the current configuration and make changes. It also
has the ability to establish, modify, and remove the BIOS setup password. The utility can be
deployed independent of SSM with a corresponding configuration file.
Execute BiosConfigUtility.exe with the /HELP option to display usage syntax.
To determine which BIOS Settings are supported on other hardware, Run the program
BIOSConfigUtility.exe provided in the SSM download package, using the
/GETCONFIG:CONFIG.TXT command line paramter.
BIOS settings may also be managed through WMI by using the HP Client Management Interface
(HP CMI). Refer to www.hp.com/go/hpcmi for more information on HP CMI, including
available software components, technical whitepapers, and sample scripts.
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Re: WOL problem - DC5800 & 6000 Pro SFF

Cheers for both replies, the bios config util did the trick, I've managed to successfully export and apply configs to both PC models, so we're going to incorporate this into a computer startup script.

zhanggr.cn: Yeah I checked a few of the 5800s that report they are actually device 10BD. Weird that it should say that its a 82556DM NIC everywhere else in the OS. In that case it looks like it was the actually bios version that was the problem and not the NIC. No matter now as we have an acceptable work around.

Cheers guys!
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