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Updating HP Photo Printing Software

I am running XP Professional with HP ScanJet 5400c Scanner on USB,DeskJet 842c Printer on USB and LaserJet 4Plus on LPT1. When installing Precision Pro Software and Corel Print Office programs, I elected not to install Acrobat Reader 4.5, even though it was checked as a required item--since I already had Acrobat Reader 5.1 installed.

When I tried to update the HP PhotoSmart HP Printing Software included on my ScanJet CD, it tells me that it cannot locate the Internet Connection. I was already connected to Internet when I launched the Web Update Software(as suggested). I know there is an update to ver because I updated using the included Web Update utility on a previous install (before reformat and replacement of my hard drive).

I believe that the problem may be related to the fact that I did not install the Acrobat Reader Software ver4.5--which is not supported by XP. I contacted HP and they told me to check software update site--which I have already done--and that the Photo Printing application that I was referreing too did not come with my scanner!!! It certainly did since I installed it from the scanner install CD!!!

I believe that Acrobat Reader is probably the culprit somehow, since this was the only thing that I did differently from prior install--with exception of having XP Service Realease 1 installed--so I guess it could be this too.

If I try to install Acrobat Reader now from CD, I am afraid it will screw up my current 5.1 install?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, since I have been fighting this for a week now. Also, anyone running the current version of Photo Printing Software, please let me know what the current version is?
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Re: Updating HP Photo Printing Software

Hi Lori,
I must admit that I am no expert on Scanners printers and that sort of stuff, but.
Perhaps you should start the update without being connected to www, so that the internet connection can be found and doesn't show up as being busy.

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Re: Updating HP Photo Printing Software

Thanks Keith, but I did already try that as well. I am pretty sure that this app somehow uses Acrobat Reader to connect to IE since I did have a few other applications that did the same thing when I did not install the proper version of Acrobat Reader when the app was originally installed. Why a vendor would tie an application into a program that is always being updated I will never understand!

Any other suggestions?
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