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Require assistance to access BIOS

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I have a HP Compaq D530 Small Form PC with Intel Integrated Graphics 


I realize this is a rather old computer however it works well for me...until I needed to access BIOS

to see if it is at all possible to assign extra RAM to my graphics.


Currently I have a lowly one gigabyte of RAM with only 96 mbs being allocated to my graphics.

I do not have the capability to upgrade or add another video card, I was wondering is it at all

possible to go into BIOS and change the settings myself. 

I would like to up the mbs to 128 if possible. 

Yes it eats of course into my RAM I understand that, however I cannot seem to find how to 

do this. 

I again understand this question is probably extremely pedestrian and puerile in such a forum as this

but I have exhausted the web, friends, and computer techs in my town with no avail. 

So here I sit and humbly ask if someone can tell me Can I increase the current graphics being allocated

from 96 to 128mbs in this computer and if anyone has the time and patience, can they tell me how to do it


Edit: If anyone is wondering if I went to the MS forums Yes yes I did.

They sent me here.

So tag you're it?! 


OS MS Windows XP Pro Version 2002 SP 3 

Intel Pentium 4 CPU,  2.66 GHZ 

Intel 82865G Graphics Controller

0864h Motherboard


I thought I would include the BIOS version if that helps...

786B1  v1.14

date: 07-11-03


If further info is needed please let me know.


Thanking you for your time and patience.

PS If I have posted in the incorrect forum my sincere apologies. 

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Re: Require assistance to access BIOS

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Alrighty then, in reviewing the HP forums I found this little nugget of info...


Will updating my BIOS then allow me to actually make the changes I need??


As is quite obvious I am competely ignorant when it applies to this kind of technical


Soooo any help would be appreciated. 

Many thanks.


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Re: Require assistance to access BIOS



You cannot change the memory mapping in the BIOS on any HP business desktop that I know of.


Updating the BIOS will not change that.


The maximum memory that can be allocated to the Intel 865 onboard video is 96 MB.


Why can't you add a low profile 8X AGP video card?


Why not add more memory than 1 GB?


I had a d530 CMT, and maxed out the memory to 4 GB, installed a faster processor, and added a 128 MB AGP windows 7 capable graphics card (which then frees up the 96 megs of system memory that used to go to the onboard video).


It ran Windows 7 just fine.



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Re: Require assistance to access BIOS

Thanks for the reply.


I am not wanting to spend much more money on this computer, and will definitely look into a

low profile graphics card.

It was suggested to me that it was possible to access BIOS and allocate a specific amount of memory

from Intel support themselves, which got me to MS and then here. 

However now knowing thats not an option I will have to upgrade either graphics or the 

old computer itself.

Much obliged for the response and many many thanks.


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Re: Require assistance to access BIOS

You're very welcome.


Look on eBay for used but tested and working low profile video cards (4x/8x AGP slot). 


Get one with no power requirements, or one that needs a 250W or less P/S.


You should be able to get one for $15 - $20 -- especially if you don't need a windows 7 capable one.



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