HP Compaq DX2200 - Windows 7 install hangs (4830 Views)
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HP Compaq DX2200 - Windows 7 install hangs

Hi there,

We're testing the feasibility of switching to Windows 7. I tried to install it on one of our HP DX2200 towers. The install hangs at the point when it says "Setup is starting..." before any file copying or partitioning has taken place. It doesn't actually stop the machine though. The mouse cursor is still animated and there's still activity on the CD drive.

From some Google-based advice I've tried disabling the Floppy controller, turning off the USB controller and even disabling the unused IDE CD drive.

Does anyone have any hints as to how I can get this to install?


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Re: HP Compaq DX2200 - Windows 7 install hangs

I haven't seen this problem. I have Windows 7 installed on a dx2200mt and had no problems during the installation. Have you tried a different hard drive, and are there any add-on cards in the PC?

Windows 7 does have problems with the dx2200mt once fully installed. There are no W7 drivers available as of yet, just the Microsoft's drivers. My dx2200 has a problem where any network access causes the PC to lock up due to the System Interrupts taking 100% of the CPU's cycles. This makes browsing the network, browsing the internet, copying files, etc horrible. The PC will completely lock up until it's done with it's current action. It took me 18 hours to transfer a 20GB image file due to this. The whole time I couldn't cancel the transfer, move the mouse, or do anything until it was finished.

I think I'll be reformatting to XP and waiting until HP comes out with some updated drivers (as the chipset manufacturer's drivers don't help this). I have the same problem with every HP I've installed W7 on so far.
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Re: HP Compaq DX2200 - Windows 7 install hangs

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I've installed W7 7600 on dx2200. Everithing is allright, but just windows' starting I get strange visual effect.

check it on 0.06 sec. plz.







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