HP 8200 SFF won't boot, possible bios issue? (4495 Views)
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HP 8200 SFF won't boot, possible bios issue?



I have an HP 8200 SFF that was working fine earlier today.  The computer spent most of its time in a sleep state because it was a conference room computer.  Then, without any known reason, the fans got really loud.  I attempted to shut it down gracefully but got no screen to show up.  I powered it down forcefully, ie. hold the power button, but I cannot get the HP to boot now.  When I attempted to turn it back on, nothing happened except for the power and CPU fans got really loud.  I can hear the hard drive start to spin and lights blink normally but neither the bios or OS boot.  Nothing shows up on the screen.  I've tried viewing something the monitor using a couple different video cards and switched out hard drives with known working ones but to no avail.  Is the motherboard fried?


TL:DR When I attempt to turn on my HP 8200, nothing happens except fans cooling the power and CPU get loud.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: HP 8200 SFF won't boot, possible bios issue?

It is possible that the system board is faulty. To confirm this, please remove the CMOS battery in the computer and also all memory sticks in it. Power on the system and check if the system beeps 5 times. If it does not beep 5 times, the system board will have to be replaced. If the system beeps 5 times, you can try one memory stick at a time in different slots and see if the system POSTs. This way you can identify the faulty part. Hope this helps.


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Re: HP 8200 SFF won't boot, possible bios issue?

I just replaced the MB for the same issue. It is doing the same thing. Do you think the new MB can be bad?

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Re: HP 8200 SFF won't boot, possible bios issue?



It is ofcourse possible that the new systemboard is faulty. It can however be caused by different components.

If you want to be sure try the following:

Remove everything except systemboard+ cpu ( and heatsink/fan) + power supply. Best is to do this outside of the casing to be sure you have nothing left ( I have had instances where the pc speakers caused the issue).

The unit should beep 5 times. If not it is almost certain that the systemboard is defective (in some rare instances it still can be the cpu) . If it does beep 5 times, add memory and check what the unit does. It should boot and you should be able to see an hp logo appear if you attach the screen. If it does boot, add parts one by one and check when it fails.

If it doesn't boot after adding memory, try a different memory module.





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