Does dc7700 PCI Express x16 allow non graphics cards? (1318 Views)
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Does dc7700 PCI Express x16 allow non graphics cards?

I've searched the forum and seen that people have had varied success in installing graphics cards in the PCI Express x16 slot. How about installing other types of PCI Express cards in the slot?

I'm using Win XP Pro SP2 on a dc7700 convertible mini tower (CMT). I have tried plugging a x16 graphics card in (PNY GeForce7600 256MB) that worked fine. I've tried a x1 graphics card in the x16 slot too and that worked fine (sorry no card details to hand)

Now I want to try plugging an I/O card in to the x16 slot. A quick experiment showed that the non grpahics card device type didn't appear and the built in graphics was active.

The Q965 chipset (GMCH) datasheet mentions graphics in the x16 slot but nothing else.

Has anyone tried an I/O card in the x16 slot with success? (what device type was it please)

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Re: Does dc7700 PCI Express x16 allow non graphics cards?

C Grant

I don't have an answer to your question but here is an thought and opinion.

PCI-E x16 is usually considered to be for graphics cards as graphics requires a very high data throughput. Standard I/O cards data throughput can be handled easily with a PCI slot. The only I/O cards that I can think of that may benefit from PCi-E x16 would be, maybe, something like a SCSI card or special data acquisition cards. I know of no reason that a I/O card that is designed for PCI-E x16 should not work in a dc7700's PCI-E x16 slot. There may be special procedures and drivers required as defined by the I/O card manufacturer that need to be followed.

Hope this helps.

John K.
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