DC7800 SFF 2210 Parameters Frame Error at post. (22453 Views)
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DC7800 SFF 2210 Parameters Frame Error at post.

Recently updated BIOS on a DC7800 PC to Ver 1.28 and am now getting an error message at post just after the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension (Ver. 3.02.2004) tried to load.
Error is:
2210 Parameters Frame Error - ME BIOS Extension module has halted. Update BIOS or Management Engine firmware if problem persists.

ME Firmware in BIOS is version and I have tried to update this to the latest rev but get error message 'Error: Failed to receive last update status from the firmware" when I try to update.
System will boot to Windows (XP Pro) and works other than that message popping up.
Have tried to clear CMOS and boot up with bare minimum hardware installed and have have little luck. Went bak to previous releases og system BIOS as well with no change.
Errors did not appear until after the first BIOS update.
System also shutdown when I tell Windows to restart, or when a BIOS update is done it will update and then power down after it tried to re-POST.
Any suggestions to get rid of these problems?
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Re: DC7800 SFF 2210 Parameters Frame Error at post.

The ME firmware has probably corrupted its data storage in the firmware part. The best method to fix this problem is through HP service. Typically, the entire ME firmware region has to reflashed which can only be done by service.
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Re: DC7800 SFF 2210 Parameters Frame Error at post.

I have exactly the same problem.

Its worse for me however as the HP technicians in India refuse to help me as the serial number, model number and stickers on the front of the unit apparently show that I do not have an ME firmware. Yes I am getting the 2210 error displaying on the screen but thats not enough proof. I have been sucessfully using the ME for over a year now on this machine and many others and must say its awesome. You'll probably also find in the BIOS of the machine the power on options for the machine no longer have an option to display or hide the cntrl-p to go into amt management. If you try cntl-p at boot it doesn't get there. The machine that has the errors is one of my remote WOL proxies and yes I used to use the ME to wake it up !

The errors appear to me after the the machine suffered from an invalid bootloader 8 beeps error and I did a BIOS upgrade to 1.28 and the cmos button reset on the motherboard.

I'd call HP and hopefully they'll believe you have a motherboard that supports an ME.
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Re: DC7800 SFF 2210 Parameters Frame Error at post.

how to resolve the problem DC7800 SFF 2210 Parameters Frame Error  in Hp pc 7800 SN:CZC80901FG

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