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Liam Mulgrew
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DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

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I have a DC7700 HP desktop here, a student has set the password on the BIOS.
The in-house tech support team can no longer access the bios to make changes to it.

How can the password be reset?

we have tried removing the CMOS battery and pressing the clear cmos button, doing that has only reset the time and a few system parameters.




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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

Have you tested by leaving the battery out 4 hours or longer?
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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

Power-On / Setup Password
These systems include a power-on and setup passwords, which may be enabled or disabled
(cleared) through a jumper on the system board. The jumper controls a GPIO input to the 82801
ICH8 that is checked during POST. The password is stored in configuration memory (CMOS)
and if enabled and then forgotten by the user will require that either the password be cleared
(preferable solution and described below) or the entire CMOS be cleared (refer to section 4.4.1).
To clear the password, use the following procedure:
1. Turn off the system and disconnect the AC power cord from the outlet and/or system unit.
2. Remove the cover (hood) as described in the appropriate User Guide or Maintainance And
Service Reference Guide. Insure that all system board LEDs are off (not illuminated).
3. Locate the password clear jumper (header is colored green and labeled E49 on these systems)
and move the jumper from pins 1 and 2 and place on (just) pin 2 (for safekeeping).
4. Replace the cover.
5. Re-connect the AC power cord to the AC outlet and/or system unit.
6. Turn on the system. The POST routine will clear and disable the password.
7. To re-enable the password feature, repeat steps 1-6, replacing the jumper on pins 1 and 2 of
header E49.
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Liam Mulgrew
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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

Thank you
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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

Thanx from me too. School bought a bunch of these pc's and they have a BIOS password, seller has no idea what they are.


Just need to install Win 7 but couldn't boot to CD until I found your help.


Oh, the shcool thanx you too...

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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

thanks men... you help me very much...

really really thank you

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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset

Hello, anyone still out there?

I can't figure out why, but applying defaults in BIOS does't work.

I got the Elite 8300 and i can't find the jumpers. Can one of you point them out for me? Appreciated.

Sorry can't find a decent pic.



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Paul Tikkanen
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Re: DC7700 CMOS Password Reset



Please refer to page 306 of the service manual at the link below.


You'll just have to look around until you find a green jumper on the motherboard.


They are in different locations based on the model.  Normally they are in the vicinity of the coin cell battery toward the edge of the motherboard.




If following the procedure of removing the jumper does not clear the BIOS password, then stringent security was set and unless you can find someone that knows the password, you will never be able to clear it.

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