DC7700 C352 to E6400 upgrade?? (12228 Views)
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DC7700 C352 to E6400 upgrade??

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Is it possible to upgrade HP dc7700 SFF from BIOS 1.15 & Celeron D 3,2GHz to Core2Duo E6400, BIOS v. 3.05 with vPro?
If IT IS, how? First replace cpu and then flash bios? Or more to contrary? Is it enough upgrade cpu+bios to get vPro machine (for vmware)??

Thans much for any advice.





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Re: DC7700 C352 to E6400 upgrade??

This is a MoBo issue. The MoBo must have a ME (management engine) that supports AMT v2.2. It depends on the production date of ypur PC. See :
The HP Compaq dc7700p Business PC shipped in 2006 and will have a VA 2.0 compliant BIOS available in September 2007

and see :

The Active Management Technology (AMT) V2.2 Management Engine (ME) firmware
image is only intended for Intel vPro configurations. This package, including
the V3.05 system BIOS, is not intended for non-AMT systems

IMPORTANT: The system should NOT be updated with this new ME firmware if it is a non-vPro configuration, or if it is using ASF as the management selection in a vPro configuration. Once the ME firmware is updated to this new image, it CANNOT be re-flashed to an older ME firmware version (that is, it CANNOT be restored to a V2.0, or earlier AMT version), and functionality may be adversely impacted in some ASF configurations. <<<


lists the E6400 as supported.


Does NOT list VMWare as supported OS!!!
VMWare probably also does not list the DC7700 as supported (it mostly lists server models not desktops).

If V1.15 is the original BIOS then your system should be suitable (this bios is from 2008).
I would first do the bios upgrade and then replace the processor.
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Re: DC7700 C352 to E6400 upgrade??

Thanks for info. I found some assembly code on the case:

hp s/n XXXXXXXX (for your security, I have removed the serial number from your post above - that's information you probably don't want to make publicly available- Forum Moderator)
p/n ET090AV

and another numbers on the motherboard:

SP#404674-001 PA43C0G9VV1CMD AS#404227-001

I have that comp few weeks; the first I did was bios upgrade from original 1.05 to 1.15 (last release I found).

I thought that there is generally one dc7700 motherboard supporting the same scale of cpu. Then I found some unofficially remarks on 7700P and non P systems and some kind incompatible bioses 1.x and 3.x I didnt found any exactly described difference in hardware (some chip?) so what IS and shat IS NOT vPro "configuration" (except plugged
cpu with or without vt-x)? (HP uses term configuration in place of pc or comp)

So is my dc7700 vPro (= AMT V2.2ME ?) capable? How can I recognize it from case/mb strings?

VmWare experiences:

Dont care about HP compatible systems list. Its VMware and community bussiness. Look at:




VMware esxi 4.1 runs fine on this 7700 with Celeron, just out of the box. But memory only @533 and without vt-x. 75W, <1W powered off.

I have another dc7100 with exsi 3.5, after some bios configuring it run fine too. Over 100W, 3W powered off.

For me this HP DC 7x00 pcs are the best (best/cost) virtualization playground I ever met. Thank You, HP, Thanky You Compaq.

And Thanks, Pieter
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