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D530 'Chassis fan not detected'

Hi - I want to transplant 2 HP D530SFF motherboards into other cases. I have 2 boards - with no chassis fan connected, 1 reports the 512 error requiring F1 to boot, the other didn't. I say didn't because I saved the bios settings to disk, restored defaults, then restored from the disk but I lost the feature. I do have a work around - attach an extra wire from the CPU fan speed sense line and connect it to the speed sense of the chassis fan connector (see attachment). I'd love to know how the fan was disabled before - I couldn't find anything in the BIOS and from what I've read, it sounds like other people can't either. I know it can be done but I don't know how. Thanks
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Re: D530 'Chassis fan not detected'


I see no reference in the BIOS for not detecting a chassis fan. I have seen post in this forum where people have connected a resistor to the fan sense pin to fool the fan detect circuit.

My personal preference is to use as many fans to get the heat out of the case as the case and motherboard will allow. The cooler you can make your computer run the more reliable it will be.

Hope this helps.

John K.
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Re: D530 'Chassis fan not detected'

I also have same problem, please whenever you find some solution share with me.

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Re: D530 'Chassis fan not detected'

Hi, wich of the 3 pins are for Sensor, I've read (starting left to right on the Mb)= 12 volts + (positive) on Pin 1 & 3 and 12 volts + (positive) on Pins 2 & 3; but now, a NEW fan(2 wires)(See picture fan is at left laying on PCI connector and running) and connected with Pin 2 & 3 (blue & Black wires, Pin 1 unused) works but connected with Pins 1 & 3 do not work . I assume that Sensor Pin is 1 because even it has 12 volts, it contains practicly no current (only voltage) to drive the Fan. Am I right ?. Thanks to take time to answer me, bob.
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Re: D530 'Chassis fan not detected'

I found it: The sensor pin is 1 (Left) and i fin in my computer accessories a fan with 4 wires: 1 red, 2 black and 1 yellow. I found that there was no resistance between the 2 black, it is same wire.Then i I diassemble another wire from an old front panel wires (those that we plug on the motheboard front panel connectors. I diassemble it with ?? tiny watch screwdriver and reinsert it in a the pins female connector (the one that you can see in the pics attached. Notice that blue wire in a jumper wire attached to a red from fan to extend it,pic 1 & Orange is an extension of the Yellow wire,pic 2 both from fan.). (Starting left:Pin 1: orange (mean Yellow) or any color than Red or Black.Pin 2:Blue mean Red, Pin3: Black (anyone of the 2 blacks remaining)To make it fast: from left to right : Pin 1 left = Yellow, Pin 2 central = Red and Pin 3 Right = Black. et Voil?? !. Good luck guys, Bob.
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