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Can the d530 cmt boot from dvd-rom?

Hello. I'm going to be installing Windows 7 on a d530 cmt with the Pentium 4 3.0ghz ht processor. I have a bootable dvd but I have had some older computers that can't boot from dvd, only cd, floppy, or hd. Will it be able to use the dvd or should I burn it onto a cd? Thanks.
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Re: Can the d530 cmt boot from dvd-rom?


If your DVD is a bootable DVD then the d530 should boot from the DVD. You may need to go into BIOS (F10 Setup) to set the CD / DVD drive ahead of the other boot devices in the boot order.

I should mention that HP does not support Windows 7 on the d530.

Hope this helps.

John K.
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Re: Can the d530 cmt boot from dvd-rom?

Hi, Melody:

Another way to boot from the CD and not have to change your bios settings, is to hit the F9 key at the HP splash screen and it will give you an option of what device to boot from. Select CD-ROM.

Even though HP does not support Windows 7 on the d530, it runs just fine, except for the on-board graphics, which will not provide you all the enhanced features of Windows 7. I would not install W7 on a d530 without an add on graphics card.

However for a few dollars, you can get an AGP graphics card if you have not done so already that meets the W7 specs and your PC will run W7 just fine. I know because I have a d530 that runs W7 just wonderfully.

I got a used AGP card on ebay. You have a choice of using the Nvidia models of at least the GeForce 6200 GPU with 128MB of RAM, or an ATI model of at least a Radeon 9600 GPU with 128MB of RAM. The power supplies on these older machines don't have the most wattage, so be careful not to buy one that requires a lot of power. Keep the power requirments to 250-300W at most. The power supply in the d530 is only rated at 240W, but I have been informed that the graphics card manufacturers normally overstate the power requirements for their cards.

I chose a fanless card so my computer runs more quietly.

You may be able to still get some new, low-priced AGP graphics cards from on line retailers such as New Egg. They have to be AGP, not PCIe, which came out after the d530 was produced.

Upon installation of W7, your sound may not work, but once you connect to the internet Windows update will automatically download and install the W7 sound card driver for the d530. All other devices will be installed when W7 is finished installing.

It was a very painless installation for me.

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