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Bios unfreeze Hard Drive

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We are wanting to do the secure erase in all of our Hard drives but it giving the error message "Hard drive is in frozen status"


is there any a way to unfreeze the Hard drive??/



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Re: Bios unfreeze Hard Drive



It will be great if you please mention the product name and details.




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Re: Bios unfreeze Hard Drive

Hi Sheetal,


here is the details of one of our machine as follows:


HP DC7800

Intel core 2 duo 2.33Ghz

1Gb ram

80GB hard drive

MS Vista Os


What I am trying to achive is to wipe the hard drive using secure erase 4.0 based on the ATA specification by the T13 technical committee. 


But unfortunately when running this tools it gives an error message hard drive is in frozen status by the bios

If I can have a way just to unfreeze the hard drive thru bios.


I tried to unplug the hard drive and replug it again while the pc is booting -this method was successful

but it will be very risky and if you had atleast 50-100/ more pc to wipe it seem this option is not advisabe


already check the bios setting to check if I can unfreeze it but no success.


Is the another way or tools to unfreeze this hard drive thru bios- that will be great --Thanks


Please find attached photo.




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Re: Bios unfreeze Hard Drive

From what I've read/found on this issue, there are two solutions:


1. If this is a desktop PC, do a Sleep/Wake cycle (harder on a server, where this isn't normally set up).


2. Set the BIOS to have the disk controller in AHCI mode and hot-plug the drive(s) (Obviously easier if the

    drive(s) are in a hot-plug tray.)


I recently had to security erase a bunch of drives and the "frozen" issue was a real pain.

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