5 Beeps and Flashing Red LED Issue 7600-8000 SFF Models (9717 Views)
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5 Beeps and Flashing Red LED Issue 7600-8000 SFF Models

We have hundreds of HP computers (7600, 7700, 7800, 7900, and 8000s). And in the past we've experienced the 5 beeps and red power led issue on occasion and usually reseating the memory fixes the problem. We've had the occasional bad memory module but mostly reseating fixes the issue. We never really looked into the issue because it was a rare occurrence. In the past month this problem has become an almost daily occurrence. We're getting emails and calls about desktops getting the 5 beeps multiple times a week and it’s become rather annoying to have to reseat the memory on a computer that’s across town. We have some older HP models like the 5000 and 5100 and I don't recall them having this issue. it seemed to start with the 7600's. Is this some widespread issue? Anyone else seeing this become more prevalent? Any ideas what the issue is?

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Re: 5 Beeps and Flashing Red LED Issue 7600-8000 SFF Models

This sounds like dirt/dust/corrosion in the DIMM sockets. I have used GC Electronics Deoxide ( PN 1902)to coat the DIMMs contacts and the intermittent problems usually go away. I use a small flat blade screwdriver to apply the Deoxide to the DIMMs  contacts and also use antistatic handling procedures while doing this. Cramoline Also makes a  similar product but it used to be considerably more expensive. You may want to also check that there aren't any metal labels on the DIMMs that are making contact to the leads on the memory chips. I would run the memory diagnostics after the treatment to make sure that you aren't seeing a bad batch of DIMMs 

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