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Analyst Dana Gardner examines IT news and trends that impact software strategists to provide insights and outcomes on SOA, app dev, SaaS, enterprise infrastructure and mobile convergence.

Fast-changing demands on data centers drive need for DCIM

HP experts explain how enterprise IT operators and planners can keep their data centers from spinning out of control despite new requirements, leverage the best of converged systems, and improve efficiency.

CIOs think proliferation of IT applications is threatening competitive advantage

Over the last three years, the number of IT decision makers who believe their business has more applications than it needs has increased from just over a third (34 percent) to nearly half (48 percent).

HP Access Catalog smooths the way for streamlined deployment of mobile apps

HP today announced HP Access Catalog, a SaaS-delivered mobile app and content store that allows corporations to quickly and securely deliver resources across mobile and desktop devices to their employees anywhere.

HP adds new value to Vertica data analytics platform with community marketplace

HP today launched the HP Vertica Marketplace, a hub for developers, partners and customers to create and share extensions, enhancements, and solutions that integrate with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

Network virtualization eases developer and operations snafus in the mobile and cloud era

A tag-team of service and network virtualization for testing has emerged just as the mobile and cloud era requires unprecedented focus on DevOps benefits and rapid quality assurance.

Healthcare among most opportunistic use cases for boundaryless information flow improvement

The Open Group, at its conference in San Francisco, will announce a new initiative to help bridge gaps in healthcare industry data sharing to provide a boundaryless flow of information.

Siemens Brazil blazes a best practices path to deliver work flow applications on mobile devices

Siemens Brazil in São Paulo has learned several valuable lessons from its mobile app development experiments and subsequent full roll-out of high-demand work flow apps for business managers.

Nimble Storage leverages big data and cloud to produce data performance optimization on the fly

Big-data processing helps to make the best use of dynamic storage resources by taking in all the relevant storage activities data, analyzing it and then making the best  choices for dynamic hybrid storage optimization.

Healthcare turns to big data analytics to gain insight and awareness for improved patient care

Analytics platforms and new healthcare-specific solutions together are offering far greater insight and intelligence into how healthcare providers are managing patient care, cost, and outcomes.

Mobile management demands a rethinking of work, play and productivity, says Dell's Tom Kendra

The recent and rapid evolution of mobile and client management requirements have caused considerable complexity and confusion. Incomplete solutions and a lack of a clear pan-client strategy have hampered the move to broader mobile support at enterprises and mid-market companies alike.

With big data and more data types, standard and automated integrations outweigh coded connection

Enterprises are effectively harvesting data in all its forms, and creating integration that fosters better use of big data throughout the business process lifecycle.

Service virtualization solves bottlenecks amid complex billing process for German telco

German telco EWE TEL has solved performance complexity across an extended enterprise billing process by using service virtualization, which improved applications performance and gained predictive insights into composite application services behavior.

Identity and access management as a service gets boost with SailPoint's IdentityNow cloud

Growing trends such as BYOD will fuel the move to more pervasive use of identity and access management as a service, driven by the need for pervasive access and management and broader security concerns.

BI and big data analytics force an overdue reckoning between IT and business interests

An ebb and flow between IT centralization and decentralization that swings in the direction of business groups, and even shadow IT, now runs the risk of neglecting essential management security and scalability requirements.

Enterprise Tablets: Choose a Device Nature That Best Supports Cloud Nurturing

Which tablet will work best for an enterprise BYOD strategy? It turns out that, if you've done your back-end homework, any of the top three or four will do just fine.

Cardlytics on HP Vertica powers millions of swiftly tailored marketing offers to bank card consumers

Debit-card marketing services provider, Cardlytics,in adopting a new analytics platform, gained huge data analysis capacity, vastly reduced query times, and swiftly met customer demands at massive scale.

Efficient big data capabilities help Cerner drive needed improvements into healthcare outcomes

Healthcare solutions provider Cerner has deployed the HP Vertica Analytics platform to help their customers better understand healthcare trends, as well as to help them better run their own systems.

Learn how Visible Measures tracks an expanding universe of video and viewer use big data

By creating very deep census data of everything that's happened in the video space, Visible Measures uses unique statistical processes to figure out exactly what patterns emerge within video usage at high speed and massive scale and granularity.

Complex carrier network performance data on HP Vertica yields performance for Empirix

Empirix uses an advanced analytics engine to continuously and proactively evaluate carrier network performance and customer experience metrics to automatically identify issues as they emerge.

Open FAIR certification launched

The Open Group today announced the new Open FAIR Certification Program aimed at risk analysts, bringing a much-needed professional certification to the market.

Democratic National Committee leverages big data to turn politics into political science

The Democratic National Committee leveraged big data analytics to better understand and predict voter behavior and alliances in the 2012 U.S. national elections.

Need for quality and speed powers Sentara's applications modernization journey

Healthcare provider Sentara Healthcare has improved its IT operations and services delivery at higher quality and higher speed, making IT an internal business-service provider, and deploying better monitoring of app services.

Big data changes the customer analysis game for Yammer, Spil Games and Jobrapido

Organizations are developing the means to develop far better analytics about their customers, as high-performing and cost-effective big data processing enable a steep learning curve from customers on their wants and preferences.

Enterprise architecture: The key to cybersecurity

Your EA should require the security team to be part of the planning for all systems (both human and technology) across the organization. Without EA, security tends to be an afterthought.

Application development efficiencies drive Agile payoffs for healthcare provider TriZetto

Healthcare technology provider TriZetto has been improving its development processes and modernizing its ability to speed the applications lifecycle process, using quality and Agile methods tools to better support a lifecycle approach to software

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  • Dana Gardner is president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, an enterprise IT analysis, market research, and consulting firm. Gardner, a leading identifier of software and cloud productivity trends and new IT business growth opportunities, honed his skills and refined his insights as an industry analyst, pundit, and news editor covering the emerging software development and enterprise infrastructure arenas for the last 18 years. Gardner tracks and analyzes a critical set of enterprise software technologies and business development issues: Cloud computing, SOA, business process management, business intelligence, next-generation data centers, and application lifecycle optimization. His specific interests include Enterprise 2.0 and social media, cloud standards and security, as well as integrated marketing technologies and techniques. Gardner is a former senior analyst at Yankee Group and Aberdeen Group, and a former editor-at-large and founding online news editor at InfoWorld. He is a former news editor at IDG News Service, Digital News & Review, and Design News.
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