Re: hp 5si is printing faded ink after doing a pm (63 Views)
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hp 5si is printing faded ink after doing a pm

i did a pm around 2 weeks ago and the printer is printed smudged and faded ink, i think it has something to do with the roller i replaced because to the touch it doesnt seem to have soaked up any ink but im not sure

please respond as soon as possible
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Re: hp 5si is printing faded ink after doing a pm

Hi Joe,
What do you Mean pm..??
MeanWhile printing smudged and fade ink related to the following issue and provide a proper action to solve a problem

1.) Print Density is set incorrectly
>> Change to a darker setting and retry printing

2.)Toner supply is low or Tone filling is BAD..!!!
>> Shake the cartridge gently to redistribute the toner, or replace the cartridge It's Most Common cause of problem.

3.) Transfer Roller is defective or incorrectly installed. If the Transfer Roller loses conductivity, it cannot effectively pull toner from the drum to the paper.
>> Inspect the Transfer Roller for proper installation and contact. If the Transfer Roller is damaged, replace it or wiped with dry Don't Touch with fingure.

Hope this resolved an issue,Let's know.

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Re: hp 5si is printing faded ink after doing a pm

I believe you are talking about the black roller under the toner...first rule, never touch this roller or you contaminate it and can cause yourself a problem. It doesn't "soak" up 'ink' is a transfer charge roller that transfers the toner from the opc drum of the toner cartridge to the paper that runs between the opc and the charge roller. Now seeing as you had this roller out, I would recheck my installation...if it is not making proper contact and is not seated properly, it can cause your problem. Does it look level land does it have a 'spring' action on both ends when you push down on the ends...DON'T TOUCH THE ROLLER.
When in doubt, check your manual:)
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