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Wireless connection with WPA

We have a problem with two 1022NW LaserJet printers. We can't seem to get connected to our access point (which is a HP 420 access point) with WPA enabled.

We use the correct SSID and authentication key but it is not working.
When using WEP or no security at all it works fine. These access points however are part of our LAN and company policy doesn't allow WEP security. I have read through different posts on the internet and this is a common problem. We bought these printers because the specs. shows that they can work with WPA.

I have tried to call our vendor for a solution but i am getting stuck there.

Is there anyone who can help me ??? Please ?
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Re: Wireless connection with WPA

This must be a known issue....
HP support ???? where are you?
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Re: Wireless connection with WPA

Hi Ringo...

Try the below:

To print Configuration Test page:

Press Go button on the control panel for 10 seconds.

Open a web browser

Type the IP address from the printer (can be found on Configuration page) in a web browserâ s address line to open the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

Under Communications Mode, choose Infrastructure.

Under Network Name (SSID): the router's network name, choose the name of your network, in the drop down or type the name of the SSID network. This is case sensitive.

Under Authentication, choose the appropriate Authentication type:
For WPA_PSK, it is necessary to enter the password of your wireless network.)

Under the IP Address Configuration select Manual IP (to give a static IP address, fill in the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway).

Click Apply and close web browser.

Power cycle the LaserJet.

At the printer control panel, make sure the Ready light is on, then press the Go button (diamond icon) for 7 seconds or until the green light blinks to print a Self Test/Configuration page.

The network information is on this page.

Check Network Name (SSID) is set to your wireless network, Disconnect Ethernet cable.

Try printing.

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Re: Wireless connection with WPA

Hi MukeshS,

Sorry for the late response but we were a bit busy ;-)
I have tried all your suggestions but unfortunately with no result.
I have read in various topics (even in this one) that there are people with the same problem and that HP is doing nothing to help them. This is the reason that I started this topic because I find it very unprofessional to sell printers with specifications that wonâ t work ! (and they are still being sold here in Holland !).

I hope to get a response from a HP employee to tell me what to do.

Anyway thanks a lot for your input.

Greetings Ringo
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