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Unable to Print from WIFI Attached notebook

I recently installed an HP M1522nf printer. The printer is hard-wired to my router.

I can print from my notebook computer when the notebook is hard-wired to the router, but I cannot print--and I can't even see the printer--when I am attached via wifi. I can see other computers on the network, but I can't see the printer.

I have WPA-Personal security with a pre-shared key, and I restrict access to listed MAC addresses. I don't think the security features should matter since the printer is hard-wired and the WPA and MAC address restrictions should only affect wireless connections.

What am I missing?
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Re: Unable to Print from WIFI Attached notebook

Two things......

Even though your wireless router is secured, are you sure you are connected to your network and not a neighbors unsecured router?

Also, what router? Some routers offer the ability to separate wired connections from the wireless connections, meaning wired computers can share data and resources with other wired devices and printers, BUT, wireless devices only get internet access..
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Re: Unable to Print from WIFI Attached notebook

Normally a router it just that, a router. What the router does is limit communications between devices. If device A says something to device C, device B does not hear it. Which is part of the problem with your printer.

Normally with a wired ethernet printer you can configure it to accept certain broadcasts. This is done via the configuration utility that came on the disk/CD, and/or via the browser at what ever the IP address the printer was given by the router. You can see this address via the router's own DHCP tables, or check with one of your computers and see if it can "Ping" the printer.

If you have not installed the software on your laptop, in wireless mode, do so. This will do most of the work for you.

Check your router to see if it allows broadcasts. Some routers, for the sake of security, does not transmit broadcasts, and thus keep you from getting kiddie porn on your printer caused by a drive-by wi-fi'er.

If you can configure the printer with a specific IP addrss, DO SO! This will enable you to add the printer based on IP address, and not rely on DHCP where the address would be more likely to roam.

If you have other computers on the network, you can configure one of them to "share" the printer. This would give you an easier doorway to the printer, and keep security based on a hardwire computer, rather than limp security of a router or the printer itself.

Without knowing the specifics of your router, it would be hard to pinpoint the network problem.
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Re: Unable to Print from WIFI Attached notebook

George and Harry,

Thank you for your suggestions.

I am sure I am connected to my own router, and I did attempt to install the software while in wireless mode and was unable to complete the process because the notebook couldn't see the printer. After I plugged the notebook in, the installation went fine.

I have a Zyxel X-550 router, and since I posted my question, I got a response back from Zyxel customer support. His first question was about the firmware version, and apparently that is out of date. I'll see how far I get with Zyxel's suggestions, try the rest of what you suggested, and let you know what happens.

Thank you for your help.

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