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Moffatt Thomas
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Print jobs sent to printer pause and must be resumed

When a user prints, the print job pauses. The user must open the print queue and resume the job in order to get it to print.

For certain users the pausing happens just about every time they print. For other users it happens every now and again.
There is no consistency in the application being printed from (Word, e-mail, Adobe). There is no consistency in the printer being printed to (any of our HP printers or Canon copiers). There is no consistency in the nature of the printer (i.e. pausing occurs when printing to a direct IP printer as well as to a printer deployed from the print server).

Windows XP sp2 and Windows XP sp3. We have a Widows 2003 SP2 R2 print server and use group policy with pushprinterconnections to push out the printers to our users. We have 4 offices. The main office holds all of the servers, the branch offices have Riverbeds to connect to the main office servers.
We have a myriad of HP printers (1320n, 300dn, 3035mfp, 3600, 4000tn, 4050, 4200tn, 4240n, 4300, 4345mfp, 4350dtn, 5si, 8000dn, p4015) and Canon copiers (ir7095, ir2870, ir5020i, ir6020).

The problem first manifested in a branch office on a windows xp sp2 laptop. Anytime the user would print, the print job would pause. Removing our Equitrac print tracking software did not stop the pausing. Installing direct IP printers did not stop the pausing (but still using the driver from the print server). Reinstalling the print driver (on the print server) did not stop the pausing. Upgrading the user to windows SP3 did not stop the pausing. Installing different flavors of the print driver (on the print server) did not stop the pausing (pcl5, pcl6, ps).

Ever since we rolled out SP3 to our other users, their print jobs have been pausing as well, some more than others.

In one branch office there is one user whose every print job pauses. For the other people in the office, only their first print job of the day pauses, and the rest print fine. With respect to the one user, a manual install of the print driver cured the pausing problem until he rebooted, then he was back to every print job pausing.

In the main office print jobs pause as well, but it tends to be rather random.

Based upon all of my testing and research I think the problem lies in the way the print server is deploying the print drivers to all of the computers. When a computer boots up and group policy with pushprinterconnections runs, the network printers and their print drivers are installed/updated on the user's computer. I don't think the drivers are being installed completely/properly. If I manually install a print driver, the computer prints fine until a reboot occurs (and the group policy runs causing the server to "update" the print driver). I have reinstalled the drivers on the print server a dozen times, as well as tried different flavors of the drivers. Nothing seems to work. The next step appears to be turning off the print server and manually installing the printers and drivers for each individual computer as direct IP printers. From a management/maintenance standpoint that is not really feasible (and I don't even know if it would solve the problem). I am running out of options. The users are about ready to revolt. There has got to be something I can do other than throwing out the print server. If it really is a problem with the print server, am I really the only person in the world having this problem?

Can anyone direct me to some deep dive detail on exactly how a windows print server, using group policy and pushprinterconnections, installs printer drivers on client computers?

Anyone out there have any ideas on this pausing problem?
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I Gaviotis
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Re: Print jobs sent to printer pause and must be resumed

It appeared for us on Fri 5 of Dec. Some client PCs (XP SP3/Vista SP1) cannot cannot print on some network printers whose queues are on a Windows 2003 SP3. Those who can print their jobs appear to momentarily pause/resume in the System Event Log of the server.

I suspect that it could be related to an update of Group Policy, see KB 943729.

I have been investigating for 2 days and I couldn't find something.
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chris middlemas
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Re: Print jobs sent to printer pause and must be resumed

we have a similar problem, it started with HP 4250 network printers but now also has propergated to all network printers, we have tried all the above methods and even set up a new print server but the problem still persists.
any advice would greatly be aprpeciated
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Sharon Roth-DeFulvio
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Re: Print jobs sent to printer pause and must be resumed

Our print server environment is similar and several (seeemingly random) users have experienced this issue. In the absence of a solution, the user's laptop has been reimaged which corrects the issue. Not a desireable option, but it has worked.

The affected users have the same problem printing to their locally installed, plug and play printers at home. So, this is issue is not only related to network printers and their print drivers installed and updated from our print servers. It changes a setting on their laptop which affects all installed printers, whether networked or local.

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