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P1606DN Will Not Assign IP Address

We have a P1606DN in one of our stores that will not assign an IP address. Since there's no DHCP in the store, I was expecting the printer to assign the default IP 169.254..x.x so I could manually configure it. The printer config always shows Tried numerous cold resets. Tried an app called "dhcpsrv.exe" to try to serve a single IP address. In the log file, it appears that the printer "declined" the "proposed" address.

This is the 2nd P1606DN we've tried. Same results. Tried different switch ports, and reset the switch, no help. Used to have a Jet Printer installed.

My experience with this printer model and several others was that if no dhcp address is found after a few minutes, the printer will default to 169.254.x.x. This is not happening!

Anyone have any ideas??

Bob Harris
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Re: P1606DN Will Not Assign IP Address

Seems odd to me that you cannot assign an ip address manually until after it takes a default ip address. I assume you have tried?
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Re: P1606DN Will Not Assign IP Address

The printer is not accessible until after it at least assigns the default address. There is no way that I know of to set the address manually until after you can "talk" to the printer.

As it turns out, we were finally able to get the default address assigned. We did this by putting the printer on a seperate vlan with nothing else. Then after a cold reset, the printer could assign a default address. With an address assigned we used the built in web server to reconfigure to the address we wanted. Then switched the printer back to the active network.

Bottom line is that something on the normal network was preventing the printer from assigning "either" a DHCP address or the default address. At this point we don't know what could have caused this, but at least we have a workaround now.
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