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Memory for Laserjet 5si

Can someone enlighten me as to the type of memory used by the LJ5si printer? I know you can add an additional 128 meg, but I need to know the type.
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Re: Memory for Laserjet 5si

You need SIMM memory, it takes either 2,4,8,16 or 32mb SIMMS.

Part no.s

C3131A - 2mb
C3132A - 4mb
C3133A - 8mb
C3146A - 16mb

Officially HP did not manufacture memory SIMMS larger than 16mb for this printer.
The 32mb was marketed as third party memory.

Be aware that HP printers can be fussy about their memory, I have found that rather than purchase PC memory of the same spec which has been quite unsuccesful to purchase Printer compatible memory, it's often no difference in price but has always worked.

I suspect it's just down to things like CAS latency and other inner workings more than anything else.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Memory for Laserjet 5si

hi Paul,
Hp Lj 5si mopier version contains 12 MB of installed memory, you can increase your memory to a total of 76 MB. However, the 8 MB SIMM can be removed and another 32 MB SIMM installed for a maximum of 100 MB.
NOTE: LJ 5SI/5SI MOPIER Maximum memory can be installed Up to 100MB NOT to 128MB.

Pls refer to the following referance document for more details,


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Re: Memory for Laserjet 5si

Hi Paul,

We use for our networked LJ5Si/LJ8100n/LJ8150n printers, never had a problem with their RAM, lifetime warranty:

You can use their website wizard for all your RAM needs, very easy to use, good prices.

- Jay
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