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Francis Mukupa
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Laserjet 4200 Error 60.2

I have two Laserjet printers which come up with error 60.2 message.Would anyone have a solution to this problem?

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Re: Laserjet 4200 Error 60.2

60.2 is tray 2 lifting motor error.

Check for obstructions in the lifting assembly and then check J93 is seated correctly on the DC controller.

If no one has been workiing on the printer recently then the only two components that can be at fault are the DC controller or the liftin assembly.
If someone has been working on the printer then tray 2 lifting assembly has not been put back together correctly, take the covers off and you will be able to observe the lifting taking place, this may help you decide if the motor is rotating etc.
I have worked on the 4200/4300 and seen a colleague fit the assebembly incorrectly which caused this error, removal and correct fitting sorted it out.
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Francis Mukupa
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Re: Laserjet 4200 Error 60.2

Thanks very much for the response that I received,I re-positioned the motor and the problem was solved.It looks like someone had a go at this printer before me.
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Re: Laserjet 4200 Error 60.2

If any one gets error message as 60.2. Follow the following steps.

Step 1:

Pull the trays out; normally I check tray 2, tray 3 and tray 4. Take out all the papers from the tray, then slide the bar indicator to â Letterâ .

Step 2:

Then check on the right edge of the tray, there is a blue thing that you can turn around 90 degree to adjust to â Standardâ or â Customâ ,make sure itâ s pointed to â Standardâ .

Step 3:

Check if the tray is cracked in the place where you slide to adjust to â Letterâ or â Legalâ for paper size. If there is a crack, Just replace the whole tray.

Step 4:

Follow all the above steps then reboot the printer, it will load up with no problem.

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Mark Ciros
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Re: Laserjet 4200 Error 60.2

Also the lift motor has a spring connected to it and i have seen that pop off which in turn will not give the tension to the lift motor to connect with the gear on the tray assy to lift the paper up. I have also seen the shaft that the lift motor sits on get stickie and cause friction for the motor to not move easy.
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Re: Laserjet 4200 Error 60.2

I fixed this issue by checking the differents tray on our HP 4200, the bottom slide of tray 2 was just moving and rolling like ... J Brown ;-) but this slide need to stay in place especialy if the paper Type/size is detected by de TRAY !!

this error wasn't a motor issue at all but caused by a bad paper fit in tray 2.
I changed the tray that's all for me.

for french tech,
vérifiez les réglettes latérales et celle du fond dans chaque bac de l'imprimante, si elles sont mal positionnées ou cassées le format papier peut ne plus être détecté, le papier se ballade dans le bac et ne peut être entrainé dans le circuit erreur 60.2 lifting motor error
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