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Laserjet 4000 (13.1 error)

I have a LaserJet 4000 w/ a nic installed worked fine until yesterday. I get an error 13.1 lift cover and close. I do that and it works for a few more pages. Any thoughts?
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Re: Laserjet 4000 (13.1 error)

If the printer is able to print a few pages before getting the error, it sounds like a small piece of paper is stuck in one of the paper sensors or one of the sensors is damaged - usually caused by ripping out paper from the printer after a paper jam. I would check with the users to see if anyone had to clear a paper jam yesterday.

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Re: Laserjet 4000 (13.1 error)

Does this error occur more with certain trays or any of them? If the error occurs with a certain cassette then the manual, try pulling the cassette out, flipping upside down and where you see that large valley indentation towards the front of the tray, you'll find a small white (possibly black) plastic piece with a spring attached. The spring will be attached to one of three notches. Move this spring to the notch closest to you (once the tray is flipped rightside, the spring will now be on the bottom notch.)

Check with test prints.

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Re: Laserjet 4000 (13.1 error)

13.1 usually means paper delay jam at the paper feed area.

You should:

1. Ensure that the paper trays are loaded properly so that paper can feed from the trays.

2. Check the input area for obstructions such as paper in the paper path or damage to the registration assembly.

3. Verify that the transfer roller is positioned correctly.

4. Last but not least, replace any defective sensors or flags.

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Re: Laserjet 4000 (13.1 error)

We had the same problem at work. We had to replace the rubber feed rollers that "grab" the paper from the tray. Printer was not even a year old, but alot of copies had been run through. We've had to replace them sense then too. Now, we keep a replacement set on hand.
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Re: Laserjet 4000 (13.1 error)

Paper feed errors in the 4000/4100 when there is no paper jam found in the machine are many times caused by worn paper pick-up rollers. These are the four half-round tractor tire rollers that push the paper in the tray towards the two round rolls ( one in the tray and one above it in the machine). These two are actually feed and separation rollers.
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