LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error (1237 Views)
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LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error

I'm getting a 50.1 Fuser Error on LaserJet 500N. Tried all the fixes in HP support, plus removed it to check it. It happened after printing on 11 x 17, and several sheets were being pulled through printer at once.

My understanding is that this error means low fuser temp. Cold resets and plug changes don't fix.

I may have to replace it, BUT can't find part number. Number on unit is RG5-3528-100-DKA...
But all replacement parts are numbered RG5-5455. Are these compatible.

Also, replacements are available as stand alone, or with maintenance kits. Any suggestions about which way to go? And where to find best price?

Also, saw a thread here that discussed 50.1 Fuser Error could also be a power unit problem.

Aaron Cohen
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Re: LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error

Hello Aaron!

Sikna suggests,

To verify your part numbers try:

I have not encountered fuser or LVPS problems with a LJ 5000, but with the old LJII/III series, 90% of the time the 50 Service Error was a bad Low-Voltage Power Supply...

Just be sure you have left the printer powered off for at least 30 min after replacing the fuser or the LVPS or the error may not be reset and will reoccur even if you have put a good unit in.

Sikna out...
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Re: LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error

Skina's right, just a detail: the low voltage on the 5000N printer is include on the DC controller pca.if after replacing the fuser and waiting about 30mn the 50.1 error persists then replace the dc(engine controller it includes the lvps)
hope this helps.
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Re: LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error

Make sure the unit is plugged directly into the wall. Using a surge protector or extension cord will limit the amount of power moving to the printer, therefore the fuser will not be able to get the power it needs to fuse the toner properly, giving you a 50.1 error.
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Re: LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error

I know this is a very old thread, but my 5000 failed exactly the same way as the OP.

It only has 90k prints and it pulled 4 sheets out of the feeder and jammed and the 50.1 error came on.

Is this a coincidence? Or is the jam somehow causing this code?
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Re: LaserJet 5000N - 50.1 Fuser Error

I think its more likely to be the fuser element, rather than the power supply, since this model uses a ceramic heater.

Its common to ohm out the fuser with a meter and the instructions are on
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