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HP printers extremely slow over USB

Hello everyone,

We have a strange issue that has occurred in our office whereby recently many HP laserjet printers that were previously printing fine over USB 2.0, now take several minutes to print even the smallest test jobs. The PCs in question are various manufacturer desktops and laptops running Windows XP SP2. The printer models this occurs on are: Laserjet P3005, P2420, P4014. In addition to ridiculous print performance I notice that even trying to access the printers properties page takes forever. Also- a weird side effect seems to be the pop-up in MS Word that "printer is not you want to continue?".. I've seen this issue reported here several times and i've tried ALL of the following to no avail..

-Checked firewall, cabling between printer and PC, basic stuff: restarted print spooler, tried under user and admin profiles, power cycled printer and PC in various combinations.

-Upgraded firmware on printer(s)

-Uninstalled, cleaned registry,rebooted, re-installed printer(s) using
A. drivers downloaded from HP
B. HP install disk that came with printer

-Tried various drivers from basic laserjet drivers to PCL and PS drivers designed for the models in question.

-tried installing with USB device connected during install, and after install (where option was available based on model)

-Changing Generic IEEE 1284 port to USB port via driver update. (NOTE: this problem *still* occurs despite port showing up correctly as USB port as opposed to Generic IEEE1284 port)

-Toggled "bi-directional support" and "enhanced printer features" in print properties.

I've been setting these problem printers up as network printers with local IP ports as a workaround but i have too many printers to support to do this for all the local desktop printers.

Does anyone have a solution NOT already tried above?.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: HP printers extremely slow over USB

I have seen this on some dell computers, but only after the pc was replaced the usb took forever to print. Only way I was able to correct was changing to a parallel connection as I was lucky to have a printer that had both. One thing I just thought of which you can try and probably will not work, but worth a try. Give the printer a share name on the computer it is connected and then try using the net use command to have the share name print to lpt1. Example: Net use lpt1: \computername\sharename\ /persistent:yes. Add another copy of the printer as a local printer attached to lpt1 and see what happens when you use that driver to send jobs.
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Re: HP printers extremely slow over USB

We have the same issue, only with network printers (client/server structure). Doesn't matter if we do IP direct, the problem returns. Our solution for the HP Laserjet 4250 printer is to use an older driver: 4200 PCL 6 or MicroSoft driver. For some reason the newer drivers are not working correctly. Getting error messages as well as slowness (biggest compliant). We have W2k as well as Vista OS for desktops.
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Re: HP printers extremely slow over USB

I have a networked 3390 AIO that just started doing this too. The scanner plugin stopped working so I reinstalled the drivers. Since then, the scanner works but any printer-related activities (even trying to go into Properties to select duplexing) take minutes. These are the same old drivers from the HP website that I previously installed, so nothing should have changed...
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Re: HP printers extremely slow over USB

Not a software expert, but I have a feeling that one of the Microsoft security patches is probably having an effect. Maybe a software expert can take a look at this and come up with a fix. If I had the time I would just reload a fresh copy of xp sp2 on a computer and before doing the Microsoft update load the printer and see what happens. Odds are it will work just fine.
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