HP Laserjet 3330 problems (401 Views)
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HP Laserjet 3330 problems

I am frequently getting thos error when priting documents. I have 'HP LaserJet 3300 Series PCL 6' driver installed

PCL XL error
Subsystem: Kernel
Error: IllegalTag
Operator: 0x2d
Position: 846

Also,using the standard PS driver I get the following error:

Error: undefined

Any help is appreciated

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Re: HP Laserjet 3330 problems

PCL6 (PCLXL) has a very strict protocol (which is why PCLXL errors are reported if the stream deviates from the expected), compared to PCL5, which might just print what it could (not necessarily what you expect) but without providing any feedback that an error has occurred, if the stream is corrupted in any way.

If you print the same file several times, do you always get the same error? Consistent (i.e. repeatable) PCLXL errors implies a PCL6 driver problem.

Intermittent PCLXL errors point more towards problems with the tranport (parallel port or network); check cables, connectors, routers, switches and network TIMEOUT settings, etc. Failing that, there could be a problem with the printer itself, of course.

If you use a PCL5 or PostScript driver, you should not get PCLXL errors (by definition), but then (as you have found) you might encounter different problems, of course; but your symptoms still probably indicate a hardware problem.
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Re: HP Laserjet 3330 problems

I believe the probem is with the print driver you are using for the PCL XL Error.
What I would try doing is going into the printers folder, deleting both drivers, then going into the Servier Properties of the Printers folder and deleting them both from the Drivers Tab.
After that, try downloading the newest PS driver from hp.com and installing that.
What Operating System are you using?
What connection type? USB, or Parallel?
That driver should be installing on a DOT4 port, and on the highest one.
Example: DOT_003 instead of DOT4_001

Let me know how that works for you.
If its a multifunction printer, I can help you fix it
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Re: HP Laserjet 3330 problems

Hey Sam. I get exactly the same problem with the PS driver, even with the latest version installed. Every print out is followed by one blank page and one page with the following:

ERROR: undefined


Very annoying and environmentally unfriendly.

Let me know if you find a fix.

I'm using Windows XP (works OK with Mac).

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Re: HP Laserjet 3330 problems

for the PS error:
offending command: (nothing)

I would suggest to switch off printing PS errors in the printer configuration. It is usually caused by a space character after a complete print job - this is seen as a beginning of a next print job by the printer, but since it is really just a space, the printer errors out

this above Illegaltag etc looks like more complex problem to me. I would try to install hotfixes and service packs and patches to the OS and to all applications doing it.

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Re: HP Laserjet 3330 problems

I have same problem. please advise to solution. thx.
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Re: HP Laserjet 3330 problems

FWIW, I'm using one of the PCL drivers for now. At least I don't get an extra two pages every time I print, one blank, the other with the "Error: undefined".

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