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HP LaserJet 4300 Print Quality

Has anyone ever come across this type of print defect. I can reproduce it when printing from tray 1, specifically when printing envelopes. This image is from a paper cleaning page but the defect is only in the back. The line actually will go all the way across the page and is darker but this copy was a little light. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: HP LaserJet 4300 Print Quality

I don't think i'm understanding your description of the defect. Defects on the back of the page point to the transfer roller, which is the fuzzy roller under the toner cart. Also, try changing the toner too, if you haven't already.
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Re: HP LaserJet 4300 Print Quality

A half test should help you eliminate if its happening before or during the fusing stage.
Load your media in tray 1, print the page as your doing to produce the defect but watch the paper as it's loading, it will pull in initally about an inch (which will load into the registration assembly), then almost immediately it will continue to feed into the printer, if you hold a piece of paper manually in the printer you can work out how far you want it to feed before it gets to the fuser, I normally make a small pencil mark on the paper so when I see it has fed this far you stop the half test.
To stop the test simply open the top cover, remove the print cartrige then very carefully remove the paper, inspect it to see if the defect is on the media, if it is then it has happened before the fuser.

If the defect is on the main face i.e upper then the cartridge is your suspect, if its on the under side then the transfer roller.

The half test is used to qualify the print process and can save you changing the fuser or other parts without reducing the odds down to an acceptable level.

hope this helps you narrow the issue down.
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