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HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update

I am trying to update the firmware on my 4250 LaserJet. The computer is hooked up directly to the printer. I've run the Command Prompt so that the firmware .rfu is copied to the printer's port (DOT4_001). However, nothing happens. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update

If the printer is shared on the network,
then the following command can be issued from a command prompt:


where [FILENAME] is the name of the .RFU file, is the
name of the machine, from which the printer is being shared,
and is the printer's share drive (do not type
the angle brackets).

If the printer is attached locally, then the .RFU file can be
sent directly to the printer with a COPY command from a command
prompt or DOS window:

copy /b [FILENAME] Lptx

where [FILENAME] is the name of the .RFU file and Lptx
is the name of the appropriate printer port (such as LPT1).

Using USB

Before you can send a firmware upgrade through the USB port, you need to know the name of the computer the printer is connected to, and you need to enable printer sharing. These steps are for Windows® XP. Other versions of Windows operating systems are similar, with slightly different operations.
How to find out the name of your computer:
1. Click the Start button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then choose System Information.
2. You will find your computerâ s name in the right window-pane next to System Name.
3. Write down this name as it will be needed later.
How to share the connected printer:
1. Click the Start button, Settings, then Printers and Faxes.
2. Right-click the printer you need to send the upgrade to, then choose Sharingâ ¦
3. Choose the radio button labeled Share this printer.
4. Type a name for the share. Make it short and easy to remember.
5. Click Apply and write down the share name, as it will be needed later.
For example: â HP LaserJet mfpâ
How to send the firmware upgrade using a USB connection:
1. Open a DOS Command Prompt (in Windows NT® 4.0, 2000, or XP, click Start, Run, then type CMD and press OK, or in Windows 9x click Start, Programs, Accessories, and then click MSDOS Prompt.) and locate the directory where you saved the firmware file.
2. Type: copy /b filename \\computer name\share name
For example: copy /b ljXXXXmfpfw_0X.00X.X.rfu \\computer1\HP LaserJet mfp printer
3. Press Enter.

NOTE: When the upgrade process has completed the LaserJet will reboot. Once the printer is back online, print a Configuration Page and verify that the new firmware has been installed.

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Re: HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update

I am on the computer to which the printer is linked via USB cord. I tried the below methods. The response on the Command Prompt was "The system cannot find the path specified." Perhaps this is because the system is looking for the computer sharing the printer, but because it is searching for itself, it doesn't work. Do I need to be on another computer maybe?
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Re: HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update

FYI, the only resolution we found to work was use an old computer with a parallel port on it, connect to the printer through the parallel port so that it loaded as a local printer through the LPT1 port, and then following the steps for a local printer connection. It worked like a charm.
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Re: HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update

Please see above entry.
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Re: HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update


Thank you so much. How aggravating this problem has been and such an easy fix when it comes down to it.

Thank you!
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Re: HP LaserJet 4250 Firmware Update

1st > hook printer directly up to the LPT1 printer port on desktop via paraelle cable.

2nd > goto hp canada and download the correct firmware update

3rd > on the desktop computer connected to the printer via paraelle cable, goto the root of c:\ and create a folder and call it 4250

4th > after the firmware has been downloaded it will be a zip file, extract this file to the newly created c:\4250 location.

5th > goto the root of c:\4250 and inside the folder you will see two files one is a README, AND THE OTHER IS some file name with the extension .RFU. Chnage the name of the RFU file to "lj4250.rfu" without the quotes. This step is vital for success.

6th > once the .RFU file is renamed "this is important" for copying purposes. launch up the command prompt on your desktop "start menu, run, CMD. will give you a command prompt.

7th > make sure in the command prompt the root is showing c:\ if not, do a cd c:
which will change the location of the command prompt back to the c:\

8th > cd\4250 so your command prompt should be showing c:\4250\

9th > type this command "copy /b lj4250.rfu lpt1" without the quotes.

10th > you will see right away 1 file copied.

11th > using the power button on the printer shut the device off, for about 10 seconds.

12th > when turning the power on at the same time you must press the MENU button on the printer at the exact same time as powering back on.

keep the MENU button press and you will see downloading file %, wait til the printer has finished downloading the FILE.

the printer will power cycle a couple of times.

then the printer should display READY.

"if your printer says PRINTING JOB, you can cancel it , and wait for the printer to say ready."

Please also know that you might have to re send the RFU file, as the first time you send it , you might see a message saying "clearing old data from scale" wait until this is done.

then re send the file again, follow steps 9 through 12, until you have success.

Techie Wizard :)

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