Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well? (107 Views)
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Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well?

I have recently come to realize that a traditional weakness of laser printers is envelope printing.

Can anyone recommend several (if possible) models of Laserjet printer that you know print envelopes without creasing the paper or smearing the print?

In my new business, I need envelopes to be professional and sharp looking.
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Re: Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well?

Your absolutely correct. The newer
models that print very well and have excellent envelope quality are:

Hp4100 Black and White

Hp4600/4650 Color

Hp4100 MFP
Hp4101 MFP

Pretty much any Laser with a fixing film assbly. to fuse the toner works best.
Excellent quality with no wrinkles.

Dave Engler
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Re: Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the list of "good" models :-)

1. Do you think the least expensive one on
your list would be the HP 4000 ?

Pretty much any Laser with a fixing film assbly. to fuse the toner works best
2. Fixing film assembly? How does that compare to what is in my laserjet 4p ?

3. Does a fixing film assembly fuser last as long as what is in a 4p?

Thanks Dave
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Re: Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well?

Hello Douglas!

Sikna says,

Your HP LaserJet 4P has a fixing film type fuser like the printers listed in the earlier post.

Obviously just having this type of fuser does not always solve the wrinkled envelope problem.

I have had customers with persistent envelope wrinkling on HP LJ4000s and HP LJ4050s which have fuser films.

There are several factors in this problem:

1. Standard Com 10 business envelopes have traditional construction with four triangular flaps meeting in the center where four or even five layers of paper overlap. This construction wrinkles more readily than envelopes with a new style flap designed specially for laser printing which has a more rectangular flap construction which has less overlapping and minimizes or eliminates wrinkling.

2. If the envelopes have picked up humidity they wrinkle more easily. To prove this, first print some problem envelopes which are wrinkling, then dry a few of these same kind in a microwave oven by laying them between sheets of towel paper and heating for thirty seconds or so. Now print these envelopes and you will see a big improvement or maybe even no wrinkling at all. You can dry envelopes like this then store them in a heavy ziplock bag to keep them dry. This problem is worse in periods of higher humidity and is the single most common cause of envelope wrinkling.

3. Wrinkling problems, expecially when they are so bad as to cause even regular paper to wrinkle, are definitely linked to degraded or defective lower pressure roller in the fuser. This is a soft rubber roller right under the heating element. Replacing this roller with a high-quality new Genuine OEM one may solve the wrinkles.

4. Having a straight-thru-paper path also helps but often will not solve the wrinkles alone.

Start by getting special laser-flap envelopes, Store them in heavy ziplock bag. Run them straight thru by opening the rear output tray if your printer has one. If wrinkles persist try drying some in the microwave just before printing. If problems still persist, get a new Genuine OEM HP Lower Pressure Roller installed in your fuser.

If you want a sharp professional envelope, there is another common problem with laser printed envelopes: Poor fusing of the toner into the media, resulting in print which scrapes/flakes off easily. We just got such an envelope in the mail today with part of our street address completely gone - but our postman knows us personally so we got this mail. Your 4P moves the paper quite slowly thru so the toner may fuse well. Test by scratching the print with your fingernail and also take a piece of scotch tape and firmly press onto then remove from the print. If the print is properly fused these tests will barely make a change in the text. If your 4P does not fuse the print well, there is one mor thing to try. Some brands of toners fuse/melt better than others. Try Genuine HP toner first, then You could contact a toner remanufacturing company and ask them for a premium easy fusing toner for envelope use. Such priemium aftermarket toners exist - I know as my full-time business is remanufacturing HP toner cartridges.

Some newer (faster)printers, like the early 4000s had big problems printing envelopes at standard settings. However, by slowing the fuser speed down to half-speed (set to best 1200 dpi mode) and increasing the fuser temperature by selecting the paper type as heavy stock, you can get good results.

HP 4050's do not normally slow down when in best 1200 dpi mode but there is a configuration setting to slow the fuser to half speed in this mode.

Newer much higher speed printers like the 4200/4300 may have fusing priblems with heaver stock like envelopes because of the very short dwell time the heater element is in contact with the media & toner.

So actually an older slower printer may do better at fusing.

Sikna out...
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Re: Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well?

Hello Sikna,

Thanks so much for your informative message.

My printer is actually a laserjet 4 Plus...sorry for the confusion. I didn't know until today that a 4P also existed.

I will definitely try your suggestions.

I was strongly considering buying a 4000. Your email makes me reconsider that.
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Re: Envelope Printing-which Laserjets do it well?

Hey Sikna

Good points.

Dougs a good fella but bounces around a bit thread wise..:) Read up on the other one and see if you can think of anything I may have missed. It is a 4 plus.

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